Where to hide emergency cash while traveling in 2022?

It goes without saying that traveling is fun, necessary, and in some cases also life-changing.

But despite all the brighter sides, you cannot simply overlook the fact that accidents happen. We have heard lots of stories where a single trip robbed people of everything they had. Some thriller movies even go that far extent and buy these stories. 

Where to hide emergency cash while traveling
Where to hide emergency cash while traveling

Nonetheless, it comes down to the fact that we should always be extra-cautious if we love traveling. Hence, we must know the ways to protect our valuable belongings while endeavoring outside the world. 

Now, this question must be popping in your head that where to hide emergency cash while traveling? 

Is it giving you headaches or premature hair loss? Well, don’t fret over it because we are here to guide you with the ways you can keep your emergency cash safe.

So, without further due let’s find out.

Where to hide emergency cash at a stretch

  • Security belt with a hidden wallet.
  • Laminated photo album.
  • Hidden pockets.
  • Scarf with hidden pockets.
  • Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe Stash.
  • EASYMATE Fashion Running Belt.
  • Tank Top with hidden zipper pocket.
  • Marker Safe Cans.
  • Wrist Wallet.
  • In your shoe.
  • Minimalist credit cardholder.
  • Undercover leg wallet.

Security belt with a hidden wallet

Security belts come with a hidden zipper system where you can easily keep cash and coins. It will just work like a regular belt fastened with your pants as well as serve the role of a wallet. 

While buying you should check the capacity to be stuffed with cash because it may not serve the very purpose you had in mind if the capacity is poor. 

Frankly speaking, most of the security belts are not much of fashionable top-notch materials. It might just wear out soon after one use. Still, it is a great way to hide the money; simple and effective.

Laminated photo album

You can laminate two photos, back to back, and keep money in between. This plan really works. No one would easily come across the fact that you could hide money in between laminated photos.

Plus, it takes scanty places of your luggage. Or you may even keep it within your tank top or hidden pockets. It bears no extra weight and as a result, it causes no discomfort.

Hidden Pockets

Buy a bunch of ready-made hidden pockets and sew them with your pants. You surely don’t want to lose all the cash you have and that’s why it is best to split the money and keep them in different places.

Hodden pocket can be one of them. Not a soul will detect it until your luck is too unfortunate having to pant down. That’s a rare case anyway so hidden pockets are good options.

Scarf with a hidden pocket

You can look classy and still keep your cash safe with a scarf having a hidden pocket. Nowadays, several designs of scarves offer hidden pockets where you can keep money and other kinds of stuff. Then again the question of how reliable it is remains.

We cannot depend on it 100% because the scarf tends to lose so easily. So, it would be wise to keep less money on it and split the amount to other hidden spaces. 

Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe Stash

Such pull out containers is made from real product containers which make it look less suspicious. Even law enforcement agencies recommend it for hiding money. Besides, it perfectly fits in purses, bags, pockets, and gym bags. It’s being easy to hide and carry makes it a wise pick for hiding cash.

Fashion running belt

This running belt is usable during exercise and traveling. It comes with two zipper pockets where you can keep money, Smartphone, car keys, cards, or even wallets. Also, it’s very comfortable to wear any sort of dress. Besides, they offer multiple sizes so you don’t have to worry about fitting in.

Tank Top with Hidden Zipper pocket

Tank top is especially safe because such tops are made 100% pick-pocket proof. The zipper pocket it has is not easily visible or recognizable. At the front and left or right side, the pockets are woven tactfully so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. In the tank top pockets, you can keep passport, money, Smartphone, headphone, driver’s license, or car keys.

Marker Safe Cans

The marker-like can is really tricky to detect that it can actually contain money. These sorts of cans are found on Amazon at an affordable price. You can just keep it in your pocket or purse or small bags. It can contain loose diamonds, jewelry, cash, or medicine for you. 

Wrist Wallet

Wrist wallets appear like regular wrist band where you can hide cash or jewelry. It is a viable source on which you can rely until you are not uncomfortable with it on your hands. You can keep money in these wallets for sure but not a huge amount.

In your shoe

It is an old method that still works every time; to keep cash in shoes. All you have to do is to keep the money under the sole and put your foot on it. It sounds fascinating but your cash may tear or get wet with sweat or water from outside.  

Minimalist Credit Card Holder

These portable minimalist credit cardholders are electric pick-pocket proof, spacious enough to keep cash or card. It allows faster access to the cards so that you don’t have to struggle to find important things. Amazon features such amazing cardholders for both men and women you may look into.

Undercover Leg wallet

For hiding a large amount of money, look no further than an undercover leg wallet. It stays firm with legs and can be resized as you want. It offers you a decent way to hide money. However, during summer it can be pretty hot to walk around with an undercover leg wallet because legs get sweaty and create uncomforting stimulation. 


Where can I hide my credit cards? 

To hide credit cards these are the best options:

  • Minimalist Credit Card Holder
  • Undercover Leg wallet
  • Tank-Top with hidden pockets
  • Running belt
  • Hidden pocket

How much money should I have in my emergency kit?

Splitting money into the different categories is a wise decision while you travel and in the emergency kit, you should have at least expense for one month if you are sailing for a long way. Otherwise, it is best to keep 2/3 on the emergency kit. 


We hope you are still not wondering where to hide emergency cash while traveling as we have given you some effective alternatives to look at.

Considering your situation you should be able to choose the best option from here. Also, you should cultivate the habit of keeping track of the alternatives you have chosen; otherwise, you might just lose it. 

It is to note that you should always have a good grip over travel insurance coverage. It can really pull you out of danger. Traveling without insurance is like you are playing with fire.

So keeping in mind that prevention is always better than cure we hope you have safe journeys. Happy traveling! 

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