What Happened To First Edge Knives?

Is the First Edge Knife really dead? If you are reading this post, I am guessing that you are either curious about what happened to First Edge Knives or have had your own experience with them. The answer is yes. They are gone for good! Let us dig deep to find out what happened to first edge knives.


History of First Edge Knives

The first edge knives were created in the year 1800. The invention of these blades was a significant step forward for cutting tools, as they allowed woodworkers and craftsmen to make clean cuts. However, times changed, and this type of blade fell out of favor with craftsmen. Today we will discuss what happened to first edge knives and why they no longer exist!

These knives were popular in the 1980s and 1990s because of their unique design. They were originally designed by a man named Charles Elishewitz, who wanted to create a knife that was both sharp and durable at the same time. He did not believe that one blade could cut through tough materials while still being sharp enough for delicate jobs like skinning an animal or filleting fish. So he set out on his mission to create the First Edge Knife.

First Edge used what they called a “Variable Angle Serration,” which was basically multiple angles along one edge of the knife blade to create more than one cutting surface and therefore increased sharpness and durability at once! This unique design made them very popular because other knives did not have this feature, so after time passed, people began to take notice, and the company grew.

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The Popularity of First Edge Knife

These knives were even endorsed by hunters such as Ted Nugent, making them more popular because they proved that First Edges could cut through tough animal skins! The extra serrated edge was often used on larger animals with thicker skin like a deer or a bear, making it easier for the hunter to cut the skin and keep it intact for mounting purposes.

First, Edge knives became so popular that other knife companies experimented with serrated blades and different ways of sharpening them, such as Serac, which used a combination between serrations and straight blade edges along one edge of the knife. For example, they might have had a straight edge with sharpened serrations on the other side or a double serrated edge.

Astronauts on the space shuttle even used their first Edge knives! Yes, you read that right- they took an awesome knife into outer space with them because it was so durable and dependable. This is where First Edges truly shined because there are not many other things out in the world that could withstand the elements of outer space, so it made sense for them to bring First Edge knives with them on the shuttle.

First, everyone loved Edges, and they grew in popularity even more after NASA used their serrated knife blades! But despite all of these positive things happening over time, there was one thing that stopped this company from growing even more- the price.

The Downfall of First Edge Knives

A company in Oregon made the first Edge knives, and they had to keep up with the ever-changing demands of customers. They wanted their knife blades to be as strong as possible but also able to maintain sharpness, which is not an easy task! Over time it began making more money and effort for them to make these high-quality First Edge Knives, so when other companies began to catch up in the knife industry, First Edge Knives could not keep up with their rising prices.

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Price is one of the most important things in any industry, especially when it comes to knives because they are so expensive! First Edge Knives were always a bit pricy, but after time went by, people began to move towards other cheaper options that still had similar features or benefits as an actual First Edge Knife would.

One of the biggest problems was that once people realized they could get similar quality at a lower price, it became hard to justify paying over $100 for one simple pocket knife! And because most customers are most concerned about the price when looking at purchasing a product, it became very hard for First Edge knives to sell their products.

So after time passed, the company began experiencing some financial issues, which led them to have to lay off several employees and stop producing new First Edge Knives, but only because the quality of each knife was beginning to suffer due to the rising prices.

First Edge knives were a huge part of history and will always be remembered for their contributions to society. Still, in today’s market, it is impossible for them to stay afloat with other knife companies that can produce similar products at lower costs. There was nothing inherently wrong with First Edges. They just could not keep up with the changing times! However, despite these negative changes, they still continue as one of America’s favorite pocket knife options because everyone remembers how great they used to be! Not only did people love them when First Edge Knives first came out, but there is also an entire generation who grew up using these knives and now want others to experience what we all experienced- pure joy from owning such a high-quality knife.

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Now that you know what happened to First Edge knives, you can take a look at some of the best options out there today! Who knows, maybe we will see another generation of these amazing pocket knives in stores all around America one day! But for now, it is up to us to choose which option suits our lifestyle and needs the most because even when their own company was producing them, no two First Edges knives were ever alike- just like every other person on this planet.

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