Different Types of EDC Knives – All Major Types Explained

Being a knife lover, you may have seen many designs and different types of EDC knives. But are you aware of the name of each type? There are multiple types of knives, and each one has its function to perform and a specific name. Suppose different types of knives have different functions. In that case, it indicates if you are a person who would rather use a knife for the household than using a knife under the tactical situation. It is far better to go for a knife that gives you all the properties to sustain household activities.

As we have mentioned, every knife type would be suitable for some task, and the type of knife defines the best usability of the knife. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of EDC knives.

So, let us get started and dedicate this article to all about pocket knives.

Types of EDC Knives

Folding Knife

A folding knife can be the best pocket knife, as you can fold it and keep it pocket or your bag with ease. You would not require a lot of space to keep it with you, making it more convenient to carry it all along. Also, a folding knife has been rated best as an EDC knife.

Under the types of knives, you would find the blade and handle are connected with the help of a pivot. This enables the blade to be folded inside the handle. It is also a very safe way that ensures the blade is not left static, causing any harm. These kinds of knives are very good for people who want to use the small pocket knife in daily life, such as; opening boxes, cutting cardboards, and cutting ropes. You can ensure you are safe as the knife’s blade always goes back in its handle after use.

types of folding knives

Fixed Blade Knife

As we can infer from the name “Fixed” blade knife, most people know what a fixed blade knife is. But the thing which leaves us thinking that what could be the use of fixed blade knife. Fixed blade knives have gained significant popularity among people who confront tactical situations. Since the knife does not have any folding option, you can consider this as the most aggressive blade. If your knife is super sharp, it can cause damage. This is why it should be kept in a sheath or cover.

So, if you are looking for a combat knife, hunting, or dive knife, then a fixed blade knife is what you should be interested in the most. You will find a wide variety of fixed blade knives too. These are known best as survival knives, rather than only an EDC knife since the EDC knife is more inclined as a tool. It is not one of the great pocket knives but best for self-defense.

fixed blade knife

Multi-Tool Knife

If you are a person who only wants to use a knife as a tool, then a multi-tool knife is something you would be more interested in. Such types of knives serve multiple purposes. And multi-tool knives are most suitable for such work type. They are versatile, and you can also carry them all along. Also, if you do not know, a multi-tool knife does not have a big blade; rather, they include various tools that are very helpful in daily life activities such as opening bottles, tins, etc.

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Now, if you are a camper and want to use the best knife, we recommend you go for a multi-tool knife. Some of the most included tools are; screwdriver, reamer, small blade, bottle opener, wrier stripper, scissors, nail file, tweezers. And you would be amazed to know that some of these multi-tool knives even include a magnifying glass. Isn’t that fascinating? So, if you are looking for the best take in the shape of a knife, go for a multi-tool knife.

swiss army knife

Wallet Knife

A wallet knife is much more like a card knife. As the name suggests, you can see it is related to something that can be kept inside the wallet. If you want a knife that you can keep in your wallet, it would not be a folding knife; neither can it be some fixed blade knife. So, you will have to buy yourself a decent wallet knife. Unlike regular knives, wallet knives possess a very different and decent design that can sometimes be used as a multi-tool knife. There can be many types of tools attached to a wallet knife, such as a bottle opener, cutter, etc.

However, it is also mainly on you which type of knife you would love to keep. Generally, it comes under EDC knives, and you can travel with them at your ease. Especially if we talk about wallet knives, you will find delicate and nice knives to carry and use.

So, if you want to go for something easy to carry and light in its weight, the card knife will be best suitable for you. They are pretty much like a swizz army knife. Most of them have many functionalities allowing you to get through many things such as cutting tins, opening bottles, filing, and cutting through things. But also card knife would not be as heavier in quality as any other knife since it is tiny. The quality can be a little low.

wallet knife

Lapel Knife

A lapel knife has its perks, you can easily hide the lapel knife, and if this is what your concern is, to hide the knife, then yes, you can easily do that using a lapel type of knife. You can hide a lapel knife inside your sock, tie, or anywhere else without being visible that easily. Also, a great knife for self-defense as you would not want your opponent to know you have a knife on you until it is the right time to protect yourself against harm. People who live EDC knives love lapel knives too. You can keep one if you think you can get into such a situation.

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You can also keep it with you if you are a camper. Different outdoor situations can get rough, and protecting your lapel knife can be good. However, one thing you must know, that a lapel knife has a small handle, and it means not using it with care can even cut your hand. So, use it with caution and very much care.

lapel knife

Slip Joint Knife

In a slip joint knife, the blade keeps rotating around the pivot joint, and on the opposite side, there is a flat bar known as the back spring. To open the knife, we pivot the blade open. Also, the blade’s tang moves along the back spring, which leads the knife to open due to pressure on the back spring.

These knives are also quite popular and easy to find. Most of the knife types are of the slip joint. These are also durable, and if situated with the right quality metal blade, they will be very good for both tactical and daily life use.

Slip Joint Knife

Some Other Types of Knives

Let us shed light on some unique and best types of pocket knives. Also, let us find interesting things about blade types.

The Canoe Knife

From the name, we can understand the meaning. The knife pretty much looks like a canoe. The knife possesses two blades on each end of the knife.  The most known combination of canoe knives is seen with a drop point blade and a pen blade.

The canoe knife is very old-fashioned. Some people are attracted to traditional folding knives, so if you are looking for the best traditional pocket knife, the canoe knife is for you.

Canoe Knife

The Pen Knife

Pen knives have their origin way back in time when people used to write using quill pens. And then one-day pen knife came into existence. Typically the penknife would be with a fixed blade, but then some companies started making folding penknives.

And they got famous very quickly. A usual pen knife has two blades that pivot on each end. The penknife is also safe to keep in your pocket, as the blade folds back, making it one of the ideal pocket knives too. Small pen knives are easy to carry too.

pen knife

The Trapper Knife

The trapper knife generally possesses two blades. Also, the trappers would feel more comfortable with it while skinning the hides. The two blades hinge on each side is the mechanism of the trapper knife. The best part of the knife is that blade can come out of any two sides, making it convenient under various situations.

Trapper knife

The Congress Knife

The congress knife comes under the category of a classic slip-joint pocket knife. We have already discussed what the slip join pocket knife is. The congress knife has four blades. The most usual blades that congress knife keeps are; sheep’s foot blade, spear point, coping, and ben blade type.

Congress Knife

The Sheep’s Foot Knife

Sheep’s foot knife; the name may sound interesting; also, the knife was developed and designed for the shepherds so that they can trim the sheep hooves. The knife design has a dull back that curves towards the knife’s edge. Today, not most people would use the knife for the same purpose, but the knife had its origin when it was common to use a shepherd knife for sheep. Also, the knife is an easy-to-use and comfortable tool.

shepsfoot knife

The Tanto Knife

Tanto knife gained significant popularity among the Japanese. Also, the tanto knife was famous as a tactical weapon, however, a foldable one. The tanto knives are high-quality knives, usually thicker than most pocket knives, making them superior in quality. These knives are also very good tools to pierce metals like Kevlar. Today many people like them under different brands such as cold steel, etc.

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shepsfoot knife

The Tactical Folding Knife

Most people would not agree that tactical knives should only have a fixed blade, but this is not the case. There are many best tactical folding knives available. And ever since the variety of knives and brands came into being, the folding tactical knives became more handy and superior. Folding tactical knives even made sure that you can safely keep them with you. Tactical types of folding knives are still considered best and most useful.

Tactical Folding Knife

Clip Point

If you are talking about pocket knives, the clip point is the type of blade you will see quite often. The clip point represents the fact that the final third of the back clips blade back. There are two types of clips, concave clip, and straight clip. Knives with clip points are very good at piercing; it has great potential to cut. However, the tip is not very durable, but it is more than any simple pocket knife.

Clip Point

Drop Point

As the name suggests, drop point from the tip area, the blade slightly is slopped from the end, which suggests the name drop point, they do look fancy, and various companies have produced a wide variety of drop point blade. Even though their tip is slightly clipped off, they are stronger than the clip point blade, making them perfect for survival and household use.

drop point

Wharncliffe Blade

This type of blade is not very common to be seen around, but some pocket knives do include them since they are part of the blade family. In outlook, they might look something like a sheep’s foot blade, but the exception is the spine which connects itself to the edge at a sharp point. Sailors love to keep this type of blade, and we do not know why.

Wharncliffe Blade
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