The things to carry for Ladakh road trip

The things to carry for ladakh road trip are the things that you will need on your journey. There is no one size fits all list, as everyone has different needs and expectations of their bike tour. However, there are some things that we can say with certainty every rider should have in their bag. This blog post contains 13 things you should always take on a Ladakh Bike Road Trip!


One of the things you should always carry for a Ladakh bike tour is clothing. And it’s not just about what clothes to bring on your journey, but also how many. Packing too much will weigh down your luggage and make riding difficult while packing too little might mean that you have to stop every few hours at shops or restaurants in order to buy more things.

The key lies in choosing things that are both lightweight and long-lasting – so think quick-dry fabrics like fleece or sweatpants as well as cotton t-shirts, shorts, sandals (or flip-flops) if you want something with less sole coverage! One thing we would recommend – though this seems obvious – is having laundry facilities available somewhere along the way.

Carry Documents with you

Passport and visa for your country of origin

National ID card as well as any other legal documentation you might need in order to travel around the region. Remember, things change quickly here! So make sure that at least one person on the trip has a copy if possible. Just be careful with it so nothing gets lost or damaged along the way.

You’ll also want to have copies of health insurance documents, driver’s licenses, birth certificates – basically anything important that can’t be replaced easily should things go awry along the way. And remember: always carry these things separately from cash or credit cards like some people do with their passports! This is especially true when traveling through developing countries where there are more opportunities for theft and things break down more often.

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Carry These Accessories

– Sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun and glare.

– Sunscreen to protect skin from sunburn and sunscreen.

– Baseball cap or visor for shade when needed, especially in mountainous regions where the sun is more intense.

– Water bottles to stay hydrated with clean drinking water; even if they don’t drink it, others can use this water as an emergency supply of potable fluid in case things go wrong (e.g., car breakdown).

– Phone charger so that your phone won’t die on you while traveling long distances by foot or vehicle without access to power outlets and charging stations. This means not only bringing a portable battery pack but also having all necessary cables like Micro USB cable, Lightning connector adapter, etc…

– Sunscreen to prevent burns with exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays which can lead to skin cancer later in life; also for protection against things such as snow blindness or heat rash.

  • A lighter or matches in case you need to start a fire during emergencies.

A relatively lightweight knife or multi-tool. Carry the one that’s easy to use so you won’t be fumbling around trying to open it when you really need it. Folding knives are generally safer than fixed blade knives in urban environments because they’re harder for people to see which can lead them to be mistaken as weapons (e.g., by police officers). You should also have a pocket knife instead of carrying something

Carry Cash

You will hardly find atm’s in the remote villages and towns. The ATMs are mostly in more populated places like Leh, Ladakh

The currency exchange rates might be good for your home country but not necessarily to a small village or town where things cost next to nothing so you will have little change back from your money if they don’t want to trade it.

When we went out on our journey through rural India with no cash, I wish my parents had told me about all the things I would need before I left! Don’t risk being unprepared.

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Carry some Dry Food while visiting Ladakh

You will find cake, bread and other dry foods in the route, but it is always good to pick up or store a bit of dry food when you are traveling.

A great idea is to have boiled eggs with you. We used them for breakfast in the morning when we didn’t find any milk or bread on our way. If things get really tough, you can also boil some rice and eat it dry!

We recommend that you carry at least two days’ worth of food while traveling through rural India so your stomach doesn’t run into trouble. Make sure to store these things safely from animals like monkeys who are always looking for a free meal too!

It’s never fun to be hungry, which is why carrying enough food while visiting Ladakh will surely make things more pleasurable.

Carry some Medicine

Carry some basic medication that will help you deal with common problems. Carry a small first-aid kit to handle cuts, scrapes and burns – all of which are likely in the backcountry. Carry some personal medication if you take any. Carry other necessary medications as instructed by your physician or pharmacist – such as insulin, heart drugs, asthma inhalers and epi-pens for those with allergies to insect bites or have diabetes, asthma or heart disease.

Carry mask and hand sanitizer for covid-19

A mask is important to ensure you don’t spread germs. Carry a small hand sanitizer for your personal use and for others who touch your hands while taking pictures. Carry hand sanitizer in order to keep the natural environment clean – especially for the recent pandemic. So always carry a few changes of mask with you.

Even if you are vaccinated, use a mask whenever you are exposed in a populated area.

Electronic devices

If you are not accustomed to using an electronic device, try to use the internet at least once a day. Carry your cell phone or iPad with you in order to remain connected. Carry some small electronic devices in case of emergency – such as a battery operated timer for your luggage and other important things that do not have a power source.

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Carry earphones with volume control so you can listen to music without hurting your ears. Carry those plug adapters with you. Make sure that all of your electronics are charged before boarding the plane – just in case the batteries deplete during flight. Carry extra batteries too. Carry a portable computer and an external battery pack in case of solar flares – it is the safest way to surf the internet. Carry your ID and credit card at all times.

Carry Water

It is advisable to carry at least 3 liters of water per person with you. Things get tricky when we start facing heat and the sun starts scorching our skin causing dehydration and other problems for us. Things get even worse if we are planning a road trip to Ladakh in the months of June, July or August. The water level comes down drastically and it is hard to find water at all.

So, always carry water with you. If you drink a lot, carry a couple of water bottles with you. Otherwise a medium-sized water bottle will be enough for you. And if you are traveling in a group, make sure each of you carry a bottle of water.


All these things you should carry in a Ladakh road trip. But don’t go crazy and carry a ton of things that are not that important to carry. Things that are needed in a road trip are decided by you and the situations that come your way. Things like first-aid kit, water bottle and other stuff mentioned above are must-haves for a person who travels on his own or without company.

Last but not least, always be alert of what’s happening around you. And always try to solve situations you are in rather than arguing over anything at all when you are traveling.

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