Tc1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight Review | Should You Buy?

No one likes to wander around in the dark. But when the power goes down suddenly you are not left with much choice. For times like this, it’s always better to have a flashlight alongside some other necessary stuff. 

A flashlight might not be something you must have in your regular life. But if you are into camping and night trips then there is no alternative to flashlights. Because you can’t make use of the flashlight on your phone for too long. 

Sure, there are many choices out there for flashlights. They might help you in the dark with some light. However, if you are to use a flashlight regularly you would probably need the best one. The Tc1200 pro tactical flashlight is just the solution for all sorts of darkness. 

Why is it the best? Well, stick with us to find out the reasons. 

What is the Tc1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight?

The Tc1200 flashlight is a military-grade tactical flashlight. It is mostly used for tactical missions and activities of a soldier or an agent. It has got features that you don’t get to see in the regular flashlights. 

While it’s a tactical flashlight it’s not necessarily a flashlight for the army. People who are into nightlife and camping can get used to this flashlight too. It can be pretty handy in certain situations at night. 

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight
TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

What does the kit come with?

Aside from the flashlight itself, you get some additional items in the kit. And the most useful item has to be the holster. With the holster, you can save the trouble of carrying the flashlight. It safely keeps the flashlight in place and also doesn’t add up to any bulk in your pocket or your bag.

Apart from that, you get a AAA battery holder, vehicle charger, wall charger, storage case, and A rechargeable battery. You can keep the flashlight in a storage case if you don’t have any use of it. The case has a slot for all the accessories so you can keep everything organized in one place. 

So, these were all the good things about the Tc1200 flashlight. You certainly can’t find all these features in a single flashlight out there. And compared to regular flashlights this is by far the best option for you.

What are the five modes?

This flashlight comes in 5 different modes. It’s an unusual thing to hear about a flashlight.

So, we will be clearing out that confusion with all the details here. The five different modes you get in this are high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe. 


If you are in pitch black darkness then this is the mode you need. With this mode on you can see for more than a hundred feet even in complete darkness. This kicks up the brightness of the light to the fullest. Great for guiding people on a dark road in the night. In short, it’s handy when you are outside. 


Sitting peacefully at home and the power goes off? Well, you can use the medium mode to light up your house. It helps you see your surroundings. It doesn’t cover much distance but it’s great for seeing things that are somewhere around you. You can use this mode while you are camping at the night. 


Need to go somewhere without bothering other people’s sleep with bright light? This is the mode you use for such cases. It’s a great option for checking up on specific things without causing too much disturbance around. It’s also a better option for people who patrol at the night. 


This is a mode specifically set for emergencies. It’s a call for help through a fixed interval of flashes in the light. It works like a morse code. The pattern is three long flashes and then three short flashes and again three long flashes. This is to let people know that you need help with something. 


This is another mode for calling help. It can reach a long distance from where people can notice you. It’s pretty handy in secluded areas. 

Usually, you don’t get five different modes on flashlights. You might even need separate lights for sending those emergency messages. So, having all five modes on one is a great catch. 

Built quality 

The built quality of this flashlight is super impressive. It’s lightweight and durable at the same time. The light is compact so you can easily fit it inside your travel bag or maybe in your pocket as well.

For the body, it has got airplane-grade aluminum. So, it has got higher durability than other flashlights of this range. And it’s better than metal due to the lighter weight. You get the best of both worlds on this one. 


We will cut right to the chase; the performance of this flashlight is top-notch. Considering all the parts it has got it provides 20 times better lighting than other flashlights. And for the multiple modes, they do what they are meant to do. Every single mode has moderate control over the lighting and brightness. 

It takes away another worry for you, overheating issues. No matter how long you keep it turned on it doesn’t get heated up to burn the bulbs. And because of the handy features like zooming in you get a lot of use from this flashlight. 

Zooming capability 

TC1200 zooming
TC1200 zooming

The zooming feature of this flashlight distinguishes this one from all other tactical flashlights. You get multiple zooming levels on this one. So, you will stay in control of how far the intensity of the light reaches. 

The first level is the 1x zoom which is the normal state. Even this one has a better range than many other flashlights out there. Then there is 250x zoom that helps you see things a little bit far. Then you get 1000x zoom. This lets you see around 1.5km far from your position. And the maximum zoom capacity is 2000x which lets you see about 3.5km far away. 

When you have this zooming feature, it makes your life much easier and maybe safer in some cases. For instance, you hear a sound coming from a kilometer from the bushes. With other flashlights, you have to get there and check to see something. But with this one, you can just hold your ground and zoom to the place. 

Also, this zooming feature has another merit such as focusing. You can use the same function to increase and reduce the amount of light. Reducing the amount of light will narrow the field of vision. So, you can use this to point out the specific parts you want to look at. It works pretty much like a digital camera. 

Drawbacks of Tc1200

One thing to nitpick on this flashlight is the price. The price of the flashlight is a bit higher than similar kinds of flashlights. This means you can get other tactical flashlights at a lower price than this.

Another crucial point is the availability of this product. You can’t find this everywhere. Especially the whole package and deals you get on this are mostly available online. 

How can you use the Tc1200 flashlight?

Well, the basis of this light is pretty generic. It’s just like any other flashlights. But aside from that fact, you can use it for your safety purposes as well. First of all, you can use the help signals to get help in emergencies. You get two different modes for that as well. 

Secondly, you can use this as a self-defense weapon. Because the flashlight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum you can stun any attacker with a single hit. And the flashlight will remain undamaged as well. 

And finally, there is the use of taking it camping or hiking. It’s the best thing for these kinds of activities. It can work as a survival tool for you in critical situations. 

Where can you use the Tc1200 flashlight? 

You can use this flashlight almost everywhere. Whether you are walking late at night on the street or you can’t sleep at night in your home. You can get used to the light due to the different light modes it comes with. 

However, the best use you can get of this is in the wilderness. You can get a lot of use from this if you are on a camping or a hiking trip somewhere. With the signaling modes, you can always have a backup to call for help.

And the zooming feature will let you see things from a distance. So, you can use this wherever you go camping. 

Where to use TC1200
Where to use TC1200

Who is this for? 

Well, just about anyone can buy this flashlight because it suits everyone’s needs. But if you are considering any special needs then let’s get through some benefits you get from this. 

  • With the lightweight design, you can carry it anywhere with ease. People who need to carry a lot of stuff will find it pretty handy for the lightweight. 
  • People who like things organized can get used out of the storage case it comes with. 
  • The flashlight is waterproof. It works great when you have to walk while it’s still raining. So, if you need to cross a river even at the night you can do that. If you lose something in the water at night you can still look for it using this flashlight. 
  • Anyone who needs bright lights will love this. It provides 1,200 lumens as the highest output. It’s much higher than any usual flashlight. 
  • Depending on your needs you can switch between modes. Different ones have different purposes. Those who go into secluded areas can get the best use of the two help signals mode. 
  • The outer case is very durable and strong enough to be used as a defensive weapon. So, you can protect yourself from unforeseen attacks in the wilderness. 
  • It’s very easy to use. You can quickly turn the flashlight on or off. 
  • You can keep your eyes on even in the dark from a long distance. It’s all thanks to the zooming capacity. 
  • It runs on different types of batteries. So, you don’t have to stick to a certain type all the time. You can just go for standard AAA batteries that are available almost everywhere around the world. 

As you can see anyone willing to survive in the wilderness will find this one very much appealing. Aside from that people who love roaming around at the night can get some help in case of any distress. 

Should you buy it? 

This question will impact your decision for buying this flashlight. We will just answer it straight. Yes, the flashlight is worth every penny you pay. 

Because the price you pay for this comes from all the features it gives you. All the different modes save up a lot of your money for buying other devices with the same functionalities. 

The durability you get in this one is completely worth your money. Buying one of these can go for a long time. You might not need a flashlight ever again. Here comes the best money-saving feature of this flashlight. It has got rechargeable batteries that come with excellent battery backup. These batteries save up a lot of your money on buying extra batteries. You can always keep some for the times while you are waiting for the included batteries to charge. 

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Magnet
TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Magnet

So, considering all these factors while you spend a good amount of money you save up a lot more. And with all that, it comes with a holster and a case too.  


Well, we discussed all there was to discuss the Tc1200 tactical flashlight. Buying the product always comes down to the fact that it fulfills your needs or not. On a general note, this is made to fulfill everyone’s needs. 

Even though normally you wouldn’t need those features it comes with. But when you consider them you will find that it can be a lifesaver. And for the price, you get all those features to help you save some space and money at the same time. 

If you decide to buy a flashlight then this can be a great starting point for you. Sure, there are lots of other options but we hardly think they are better than this one. 

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