Spyderco Autonomy Everything You Need To Know

The Spyderco Autonomy is manufactured in Japan by the world-renowned knife maker Spyderco. It’s made with high-performance stainless steel, which has excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. Its G-10 handle provides an excellent grip without feeling like it will slip out of your hand even when wet or bloody.

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The Spyderco Autonomy is a lightweight knife that’s perfect for everyday carry. With its ergonomic design, the blade is accessible quickly and easily with either hand. It has a four-way clip so it can be carried tip-up or tip-down on either side of your body, as well as clipped inside a pocket or waistband.

The knife is sold with a brown leather sheath with an injection-molded plastic insert for retention of the blade. It also features belt loops on both sides, allowing it to be carried vertically or horizontally either by hand or in conjunction with your EDC gear straps and belts. 


The Spyderco Autonomy has an overall length of 8.57″ inches with a blade length of 3.65″ inches. Its handle thickness measures 0.52 inches at the widest point. Blade thickness measures 0.118″ inches all around for this folding pocketknife which weighs only 5.5 ounces without the clip installed on it – making it ideal for everyday carry (EDC). The deployment is through a push-button and the locking mechanism is a Plunge lock. When selecting your own version of the Autonomy model, there are many different options, including straight edge blades that range from plain to fully serrated edges, complete with thumb aches. Some have deep finger choils, while others do not.

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A great feature of this model, as well as many other variants on the Autonomy line, is its four-way reversible tip-up/tip-down carry pocket clip for easy access to either side at all times, including inside pockets and waistband use while being worn vertically or horizontally on belts from one to five centimeters thick. There are also lanyard holes on the handle, plus a glass breaker tip for emergencies.


Its blade steel is high-performance stainless steel, an extremely corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant powder metallurgy tool steel originally developed for tough industrial applications. The locking mechanism provides solid security to keep your fingers from being pinched when closing the blade.


Its titanium handle is a G-10 Handle with a fine look. It has a three-dimensional molded gray fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) handle that fits your hand comfortably without slipping, even when wet or bloody.

The Autonomy’s pocket clip accommodates both left and right side tip-up carry-on belts from one to five centimeters thick. At the same time, its lanyard hole can be used as an attachment point for additional security in the form of fobs or tethers using parachute cords, paracord bracelets, etc.

Final Words

It is an amazing lightweight knife with an overall weight of only four ounces without its pocket clip installed, which makes it easy to carry around in your hand or tucked away inside pockets, pouches, and bags. Its specially designed ergonomics provide excellent comfort by fitting most hands well enough, whether you’re cutting boxes open at work all day, opening mail, or just carving some wood into small shapes outside during recreational time.

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It comes standard as a tanto-style serrated edge model. Still, there are many different options available, including plain edge blades, swedge edges (no point), fully serrated versions, along deep finger choils and thumbholes. There are even lefty models available! What type will you choose? Remember – these knives make excellent gifts too, so if you find one you like, don’t keep it to yourself!  It is a lightweight, versatile and comfortable EDC knife.

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