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What’s the difference between seiko sary055 vs seiko sarb035?

When looking for a new watch, it is important to determine what style and features are most important to you. For example, do you need one that can withstand the elements or be worn in water? Do you want an analog or digital display?

There are many options out there but Seiko has been producing quality watches for over 100 years. In this post, I am going to discuss the differences between Sarb035 and Sarb035.

Seiko sary055 vs seiko sarb035

The Seiko sary055 and the Seiko sarb035 are both great watches, with a few key differences. The price range for these two watches is pretty similar as well which makes it difficult to choose between them.

Deciding on this watch will depend greatly on what you’re looking for in a watch. One of the most important things when deciding on a watch is that it fits your wrist properly and comfortably. 

Model numberSARY055SARB035
CrystalSapphire CrystaSapphire Crysta
Display AnalogAnalog
ClaspDeployment ClaspPush Button Deployment 
Case materialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Case diameter41 millimeters38.4 millimeters
Case Thickness11.4 millimeters11.2 millimeters
Band MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Band lengthMen’s StandardMen’s Standard
Band width20 millimeters20 millimeters
Band ColorMetallicSilver
Dial colorSilverBeige
MovementSeiko 4R36 Caliber AutomaticSeiko 6r15d Automatic 
Vibration21600 vibrations per hour21600 vibrations per hour
Item weight5.54 Ounces2.4 Ounces
Water resistant depth328 Feet330 Feet
Warranty2 Years3 Years
Check Price
seiko sary055
Seiko sary055

Clasp difference between Seiko sary055 & seiko sarb035

The Sarb035 comes with a buckle-style clasp while the sary055 has a deployment clasp. The difference in clasps can affect if you have to put your watch on over gloves or not, how easily it twists around when worn, and more importantly whether or not it will catch onto clothing.

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Case diameter

The Seiko SARY055 has a 42mm case diameter while the SARB035 has a 44.25 mm case diameter. The difference in these diameters is only an inch but it can make some people feel more comfortable wearing their watch on different parts of their wrist than others.

Case Thickness

The Seiko SARY055 has a 11.4 millimeters case thickness while the SARB035 is 11.35 mm thick on average

Lugs the Seiko sarb035 lugs are narrower and shorter than those of the Sary055, making it easier to wear for people with smaller wrists or who prefer tighter fits when wearing watches.

Dial color

The Seiko SARB035 has a silver dial while the SARY055 is black with Beige.

This may not seem like much but it will make a difference for some people who want their watch to match all of their outfits or work attire.

There are also other color choices that seiko offers as well, so keep that in mind when purchasing other dress watches.

Seiko sarb035

Movement difference

Seiko Sary055 has the Seiko 4R36 Caliber Automatic, while seiko sarb035 is equipped with Seiko 6r15d Automatic.

Both movements offer accuracy with +25/-15 sec per day and having either 23 or 24 jewels in them respectively.

This is important because higher-level watches usually feature more jeweled pieces which make the watch more accurate over time when worn on a regular basis. Jewelry can shift around inside while someone wears their watch, which will cause friction between parts and affect its performance over time.

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Item weight difference

Seiko Sary055 weighs 5.54 ounces. And Sarb035 weighs around 2.4 ounces. So, the seiko sary055 is heavier than the seiko sarb035 by about 3.14 ounces. The weight difference is that huge between these two.

This weight difference might seem insignificant, but it still can make a considerable impact on those who have arthritis in their hands and wrists; this all depends on how the wearer prefers to wear his watch though since some people are used to wearing heavy watches while others prefer lighter ones.

Its important for someone with this condition to find out if there’s any way they can modify something that will help them continue wearing their timepiece without hurting themselves more overtime.

Water resistant depth difference

The seiko sary055 is water resistant up to 328 feet, while the seiko sarb035 can withstand a pressure of about 330 feet. With this in mind, it would mean that the former watch has more depth resistance than the latter one by a very insignificant margin.

It’s important to those who are afraid of getting wet when doing something like taking a shower and need at least some time before having to worry again if there’s salt water that might have gone into its crevices.


Both of these watches come with an official warranty. Sary055 has a 2-year warranty and the Sarb035 has a 3-year warranty.

With this in mind, it would mean that if anything happens to either one, then there’s an assurance that they can be fixed or replaced at no cost to the owner for periods spanning from these two to three years.

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Deep-Sea Diving

As long as you are not going below 330 feet under water, you should be fine. Beyond this depth, the watches are not qualified for such activity.

The seiko sary055 has a water resistance of 328 feet which means that at 350 feet or more it might start to lose its effectiveness in keeping time and is no longer considered safe for diving.

This should be sufficient enough especially if you’re looking at getting one as your primary dive watch.

Which is better for you?

The seiko sarb035 is a more expensive model, so there’s no doubt that it would have some better features for the money.

It might be worth investing in both watches and just using whichever fits best in each situation but this is up to personal preference.

And make no mistake about it, Sary055 is a good dress watch. If you like the color and design of it, and if you think you will be satisfied with the features that we described earlier about it, then by all means, go for it.

But if you want our verdict, we will suggest you to buy Siko Sarb035.

seiko sarb035
seiko sarb035


If you’re looking for a stylish watch that can also be used as your dive watch, then the Seiko sary055 is perfect. It’s durable and has all of the features you could want in an automatic diver. You don’t need to worry about water resistance because this timepiece comes with 328 feet of water depth resistance.

But if we had to choose between these two watches, our verdict would be hands down for the Seiko sarb035.


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