Why Carry a Knife Every Day? 15 Reasons To Carry A Knife

Every day we come across versatile tricky jobs that we have to solve by ourselves. Having a knife in situations like that can be a big help. Both indoor and outdoor activities require functional tools and a knife is one of the tools we must keep in our toolbox. 

So today we are going to tell you 15 Reasons to carry a knife every day.

Even in the midst of jeopardy situations, a knife is a must-have and life-saving item. For example- amid great danger, you have nothing to cut the seat belt and get out of the car. Sounds quite scary, doesn’t it? So, it is more like a rule of thumb to possess a knife for everyday use. 

Before you buy knives for daily use, make sure to check items’ legal permission first. There are items you simply cannot buy and carry around. Therefore, it is your duty to know which things are prohibited in your area. 

Once you are done checking the legal permission you need to point out your exact needs for using a knife first. It can play multiple roles in your dailies. Nevertheless, here we are listing 15 reasons to carry a pocket knife every day. Give a 5-minute read and know your accurate needs.

Reasons to Carry a Knife Every Day

1) EDC- Everyday Carry

Carrying a knife; sounds more like a serial killer. But hey, we all know that’s not the case at all. Rather it is a wise decision to carry around a pocket knife. You can cut strings, threads, zips, trailing, wire, tape or open boxes, clamshell packaging, mail envelops, removing tags from new things, etc. 

Thus, we can go on and on about the usage of the knife you may need anytime. A tiny tool in your pocket can just save the day. 

2) A knife as a present

Did you know that Knife can also be a fancy traditional gift? Several vintage manufacturers make fancy knives keeping pace with the traditional design and etiquette. Therefore, such things are cared for dearly and taken as symbols. Knives can be inherited also, an old heirloom from grandfather.

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It simply stands out as pocket “bling”. That doesn’t mean it’s all about showing off. These kinds of knives are made with care and skill. One can make good use of such knives in everyday life.

3) Survival tool in emergency

It goes without saying that most people carry a knife every day for self-defense. Indeed, guarding our life is something we must do and there are a few alternatives to a pocket-knife for this.

However, one must know how to use it or else it would not be much fruitful to carry one. And for this look no further than practicing it regularly. 

As a beginner, first, you should learn how to draw and wield the knife effectively. The try on a continuous basis will help you to reach the point where you know how to use it. 

Please note that a folder knife is the best choice for self-defense. The person you are fighting against will be at a huge disadvantage for this. 

You must keep in mind, you have to be well-versed in using a knife whether it is folding or fixed. Otherwise, it might just backstab you! Careful!

There are a number of pocket knives that stand out best for self-defense; among them Kershaw 3810 Dimension Folding Knife is a wise pick. It comes with a frame lock and speeds safe assisted opening which are great advantages to defend yourself. 

For details, you may check the product here.

4) Emergency preparedness

In case of an emergency need, a knife comes quite handy. For example- your friend just got an injury and you need to make a cloth bandage. Hence, with a knife, you can create one. 

In addition, to create a fireboard, make kindling, digging out a splinter, cutting rope, collecting wild edibles, preparing wild games, making a spear, carving utensils, making atlatl, building shelter, or making feather sticks require a knife. 

5) Eating and Food preparation

With a folding knife, you can dice, chop, prune, and slice. The taste of food and digestion greatly depends on how you prepare it. So, using a knife to prepare food is a must. It should also be a handy company when you have trouble. A simple knife can do multi-tasking for your dinner or lunch table. 

Sometimes, just having a knife is enough and you don’t have to take out the whole food preparing tool package. 

6) Altering clothing

Your folder can enhance productivity with old materials just with a slice. Imagine you have lost weight and your leather belt doesn’t fit you anymore. Using a knife can make an additional hole, and thus it will totally fit you. 

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Like this people tend to do variations with clothing, for example- making long-sleeve short-sleeve, designing pants, etc.

7) Prying

A knife is quite helpful in prying open a window in case of emergency or removing hard things under the tent, serving to lever through the mud. So, a knife is a good option when the need for prying appears.

8) Digging

Digging with a folder might not sound like the best way but still, it is doable. A shovel might be the right tool for digging but unfortunately, it is not always possible to carry it around and use it in an emergency.

Therefore, if you keep a folder in your pocket it can help your sudden need to dig. In case you need to set a hunting trap or set up a small latrine, a folder shall do its job of digging. 

9) Field dressing a fresh kill

Nothing is better in the instant need of a knife while field dressing your meal. While hunting and preparing meat or fish as your meal you don’t possibly have all the necessities with you to dress the meat. In this emergency, a folder will just do the job. It shall clean the bloody smell before any blood-fetish animal shows up. 

10) Opening package

A pocket knife can help in opening packages. Some seal bags can be used even after using the product, so the cut while opening should be as clean as possible. Only then it will be reusable. In this case, a knife is a suitable tool to make a clean cut. 

11) Whittling gear

In the hard times of survival tasks or long stay outside, a knife is a helping hand to whittle things. You can make the thing by whittling wood, it can a fork or a plate. 

Also, you can whittle walking sticks to adjust the way you want. Or just you can give life to your imagination with a knife in your pocket. In your free times you may create the thing you always wanted to buy whittling materials. 

12) First-aid

Having a knife in your pocket can enhance your confidence in the time of danger. You can help anyone with you anytime if you have a knife to cut bandage, remove splinters or trim up moleskins. Therefore, a knife is a go-to item in your first-aid need. 

13) Fire Building

We need to build fire in times of emergency or even for recreational purposes. In such a situation, you can make use of a knife by shaving thin layers off woods, sticks, or brunch. Also, for sending spark in terms of Ferro rods, it works just fine. 

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14) Recreation

We need to build fire in times of emergency or even for recreational purposes. In such a situation, you can make use of a knife by shaving thin layers off woods, sticks, or brunch. Also, for sending spark in terms of Ferro rods, it works just fine. 

15) Crafts

A scissor might be more suitable for some crafting projects. However, in case you don’t have a scissor you can make use of a knife as an alternative. A knife can help you shape wooden projects, peeling off materials, or detailing works. The points of pocket knives can even reach tight spaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the best pocket knife for everyday use?u003c/strongu003e

The best pocket knife for everyday use is the u003ca href=u0022https://amzn.to/3dCutANu0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022 target=u0022_blanku0022u003eCRKT drifteru003c/au003e. This knife is versatile, made of steel with a brushed finish that won’t show dirt and wear as easily, plus it’s easy to sharpen.

u003cstrongu003eShould I carry a knife for self-defense?u003c/strongu003e

You can carry a knife for self-defense, but only legally and responsibly. You should research your location and what’s legal before carrying a knife around. u003cbru003eFurthermore, pocket knives are often the first choice for self-defense because they can be kept easily accessible on your body, they are discreet and lightweight when worn under clothes and you don’t need to worry about running out of ammunition.

u003cstrongu003eIs it legal to carry a lock-knife?u003c/strongu003e

In most cases, lock knives are legal to have, carry one or ship as long as the blade is less than 3 inches.u003cbru003eYou can legally purchase a lock knife with a blade of two inches or less in virtually any U.S. municipality thanks to legislation passed by Congress.

u003cstrongu003eWhat happens if the police find a knife on you?u003c/strongu003e

Chances are high that police will target someone with a knife as a suspicious person. Even if you do not mean any harm, it can happen. In such situations, it is better not to consent to search without a warrant. 


The usage of knives is not confined to any list. A knife owner can come up with many reasons to use a knife- to cut boxes, paper, rope, tape, or plastics. It is totally on a person how many new usages he can come across. However, these 15 reasons to consider if you want to carry a pocket knife every day. I hope this will help you decide what to carry in an everyday carry tools list.


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