How To Wash A Vera Bradley Wallet in 2021? A Simple Answer

People often undergo that same query as you are searching. That is, how to wash A Vera Bradley Wallet? Today we will answer that as simply as we can.

How to Wash Vera Bradley wallet
How to Wash Vera Bradley wallet

Vera Bradley is a popular American Company which gained its popularity with their original bright and colorful quilted luxury bags. It has since then morphed into a company producing designer products with exquisite patterns which attracted the attention of many. 

Vera Bradley Wallets like their signature luxury product line come with beautiful patterns and a diverse color pallet. That is why, unlike boring black wallets, the ones from Vera Bradley require special care which includes washing it every now and then. So, here you will find a step to step guide on how to wash your precious Vera Bradley wallet along with everything you need to know to not destroy it in the process.

The Material Of The Wallet

Most of the Vera Bradley wallets come in their signature cotton material. Other common materials include performance twill, microfiber, leather, nylon, polyester, etc. It is imperative to know the material of the wallet before proceeding to wash them as different materials require different levels of care. Since the Vera Bradley Company is defined by their cotton products, it is also common knowledge that they are washable.

Why The Wallet Needs To Be Washed

Because of the cotton exterior, Vera Bradley wallets tend to accumulate a lot of dirt when it is used often. Since wallets are a common everyday accessory for most people, they get exposed a lot and it is not always possible to use them with care. Vera Bradley wallets also come in bright beautiful colors and not cleaning them from time to time may cause this unique appeal of the wallet to fade.

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A lot of Vera Bradley wallets get sold in second-hand shops and if you get one through that source, it might be a good idea to wash it before use. It will remove all possible stains and also you won’t have to worry about the germs coming from the previous owner.

Do Not Use The Washing Machine

Never put a Vera Bradley Wallet in the washing machine. This is extremely important because washing machines have the potential to completely ruin your wallet to the point where it becomes unusable. Vera Bradley wallets contain cardboard inserts which give them their sturdy shape. If you use a washing machine to wash the wallet, it will soak the cardboard completely and make it lose its shape. The cardboard won’t return to normal even after drying and the wallet won’t be able to retain its original shape. 

So keep that wallet away from the washing machine and wash your wallet in the old fashioned way, using your hands. 

How To Wash A Vera Bradley Wallet?

Enough talk. Now let’s get to the point of actually washing the wallet. Even though we are using the word “wash” for this purpose, washing Vera Bradley wallets is not really a good idea. Instead, the wiser thing to do would be to spot clean the wallet. How? Here is the all-inclusive guideline. 

Step-1: Look For Instructions

Looking for instruction doesn’t mean searching in google. Your Vera Bradley wallet should come with a card containing cleaning instructions. It is good to have that card because it might contain special instructions for your specific brand of wallet. You can also call Vera Bradley customer care to inquire about the cleaning instructions describing the wallet you have.

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The most common advice is to spot clean it or to wash it in a sink with a little amount of water and detergent.

Step-2: Gather The Ingredients

To clean the wallet, here are the things you will need:

1. Cold Water

For both spot cleaning and washing the wallet in a sink, you will need cold water to dampen the wallet properly. Make sure not to make the wallet soaking wet as it will ruin the structure of the wallet. Instead, dampen it gently just enough to remove the dirt and stains. 

Using hot water can damage the exterior body of the wallet so it is advisable to avoid it.

2. Detergent

A little bit of detergent will help loosen the dirt off the fabric. You can use any brand of detergent, just make sure it’s safe for cotton fabric, and if it feels too strong, mix some water to dilute it so that it doesn’t damage the color or the fabric. You can also use stain remover pens in the cleaning process. Stain removing sprays and vinegar also helps in removing stains.

Type of Detergent

The most common brand of detergent you can use for washing your wallet is Woolite. It’s used for handwashing delicate fabric and will not harm the fabric or color of your wallet.

Dawn is a common dishwashing liquid that can also be used for washing the wallet. Make sure it isn’t too harsh by diluting it with water first for some extra precaution!

3. Toothbrush / White towel

An old toothbrush is a great tool to gently remove stubborn stains. Using a white towel or rug absorbs the dirt and does not risk any potential color issues.

And that will be all to make your wallet look shiny and new. Now, let’s move on to actually cleaning the wallet:

Step-3: Clean!

  1. Use your hands. Be really gentle while cleaning the damp wallet or you might tear the fabric or ruin some of the patterns. 
  2. Start by spraying or applying detergent directly on the stained parts. Take a toothbrush and slowly scrub the surface and a towel to wipe the exterior.
  3. If the stains don’t come off easily, soak the wallet in soap water in a small bowl and wait 10-15 minutes before taking it out.
  4. Wipe out the stain following the same procedure and rub it with a towel to remove the dirt.
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That’s about it. All that’s left is drying. This might seem like an easy task, which it is but there are still some things you should be careful about while drying your wallet.

Step-4: Drying The Wallet

Air-dry the wallet. Don’t be impatient and try to use a hairdryer or laundry dryer on it. Leave it overnight and if necessary for some time in the sunlight too. Let it be completely dry before using it again.

And voila! Your Vera Bradley wallet is good as new. Give it a wash every now and then so that the stains don’t turn permanent. 

FAQs On How To Wash A Vera Bradley Wallet?

Can you machine wash a Vera Bradley Wallet?

NO, you should never machine wash a Vera Bradley wallet as it soaks the cardboard inserts and ruins the shape of the wallet.

Can Vera Bradley Wallets be washed?

It is possible to wash Vera Bradley Wallets by soaking it in a bowl of cold water and using some detergent on a white towel to wipe off the dirt.

What materials are Vera Bradley Wallets made of?

Vera Bradley Wallets are made of their signature cotton quilted fabric. They also have other varieties of wallets to choose from, like leather or faux leather, etc.

How do you get a Vera Bradley Wallet?

You can always go to one of their shops situated across the USA or visit their website to order online –

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