How to Sharpen an Axe? 5 Great Ways

To develop the work rate or timing, sharpen an axe is one of the most important tasks. It allows your axe to work more accurately and also saves you a lot of time. But if you do not sharp your axe after some time, it will eventually happen to lose its ability to render a great service.

But there are some axes like the maul axes and splitting axes, they don’t need the sharpening. Because their main task is to split woods, cutting inside it is not its job, so no sharpening is needed.

The rest of them needs sharpening. And sharpening is considered the prerequisite of getting a perfect job by your axe.

1. How to sharpen an axe with a stone?

Well, you might be curious, why I’m talking about using rock or stone while there are many renowned elements for sharpening axe. But here’s the thing, you won’t use rock or stone to sharpen your axe regularly or usually. Sometimes in some situations, it’s very normal not to have any usual thing to sharpen your axe. That’s exactly why you should learn how to sharpen the axe with the things that you can find easily beside you.

  • First, find a smooth and flat stone.
  • Place the stone on the ground.
  • You have to hold the axe with your two hands.
  • Then grind the edge aiming for the stone.

River stone

River stones are perfect for sharpening. But hard to find. Don’t think these river stones and normal rocks have a different way of use. You can use it the same way you would do for a specially made whetstone. Try to follow these steps before doing that, like-

  • Wet the stone
  • Wet the part you want to sharpen your axe.

It helps the Process.

It is very normal to lose your whole luggage while hiking or doing something. Don’t give up on your dull axe at that moment just because you don’t have anything.

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So in this way, whenever you find yourself in a discomfort position with no specially made for sharpening object, you can Simply do this task by using rock or stones.

How to Sharpen an Axe
How to Sharpen an Axe

2. How to sharpen an axe with a File?

This instrument does the underlying unpleasant work of molding the edge and the profile of the hatchet cutting edge. More limited files don’t usually have their “teeth” set in a similar thickness, and you will not get a pleasant result.

Except if the shape of your axe is very distorted. If that is the case, you’ll need to keep the edge of the axe the exact way as it was all things considered. Follow the bend of the sharp edge, try to maintain the pressing factor with each stroke of the file. You can hold the instrument in an exemplary manner, with one hand.

You can likewise do it by holding it in your non-predominant hand and the tip of the document in your prevailing one, and pulling towards yourself in a general movement. That is known as the draw strategy for sharpening the axe with a file.

If the hatchet is dull

If your hatchet is very dull, you’ll be doing a great deal of work. While sharpening the dull edges, you need to really bend it away from the file. You might feel it at the tip of your finger or somewhat get your fingernail with it. At the point when you’ve made a shade – be mindful and try not to change the point of the edge excessively – rehash the interaction on the opposite side. Be cautious, in any case, not to bend the edge excessively far way

Continue to work with the axe until the edge is straight and liberated from any chips, scratches, or other scoring. Eliminate the burr by making a few passes with the record on the two sides of the edge, exchanging sides with each pass. You may in any case have somewhat of a burr on one side or the other – don’t stress over that, you can remove it easily

Whenever you’ve made a legitimate edge, you’ll need to sharpen it with a whetstone, otherwise called a honing stone. If your hatchet as of now has a good edge, you can jump to this progression without utilizing the record.

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Finding the best file for sharpening might be a hassle. So, we recommend Corona AC 8300, Garden Tool Blade Sharpener.

3. How to sharpen an axe with Power Tools?

If you use power tools, you can easily sharp your axe. And you won’t have to go through the hustle and pain of following every detailed work you had to do when you sharpen with your bare hands.  But in the case of power tools, you have to be a little bit careful otherwise you will end up damaging your axe. When you are not careful while using power tools, it cuts a large amount of the axe (more than necessary) and causes a dysfunction in the structure.

If you are looking for a good branded power tool, feel free to check DEWALT Bench Grinder, 8-Inch (DW758) out.

4. How to sharpen an axe with Dremel?

Dremel elements are very easy to find. You can sharpen your axe very comfortably with this tool. But if you don’t do it carefully, this tool will become your nightmare.

At first, if you are standing close, always wear safety goggles, and dust mask, hand gloves to protect your hand. When you are using a power tool, the temperature of your axe will rise and usually, it reaches an unbearable stage. So always keep a bowl or bucket full of cold water so that you can reduce the heat.

Always try to keep the axe head flat against the corner of the axe when you turn on the machine. Always keep doing some circular movements. You have to keep cleaning it with cold water when the temperature rises. Otherwise, it will mostly lose Its strength and ability.

You have to do this procedure more than one time, if necessary you can change Finer-Grit Dremel Head.

If you are searching for a good Dremel, check out the Dremel Lite 7760 N/10 4V Li-Ion Cordless Rotary Tool.

5. How to sharpen an axe with Belt Sander?

A belt electric sander can be a powerful tool for sharpening.  If you’re thinking of using one to sharpen your axe, confirm that you are wearing protecting gear like gloves, glasses, and ideally a mud mask in case of doing it inside.

When you have your belt electric sander originated and running, you’ll wish to grip your wedge with each hand and run it across the electric sander, steadily following the sting and curve of the bit. Don’t put an excessive amount of strength. However, don’t be afraid to use pressure either – this is the secret’s to use pressure equally.

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While not speeding however also try not to keep the blade against the electric sander for too long. Always try to keep the axehead in motion. Keep a bucket or bowl of water (or a twig bottle) handy to cool down your axehead and keep it from losing its temper.

Remember – adapt the sandpaper to the condition of your axe! A rusty, boring axe will mostly need coarser sandpaper. Too much Finer-grit sandpaper is additionally a lot risky in terms of axehead heating. If you wish to urge a fine edge, I’d suggest change over to a finer sharpening stone once you’ve got a pleasant edge from the belt sander!

If you want our recommendation, check Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener.

5 Great ways to sharpen an axe
5 Great ways to sharpen an axe

Precautions Before Sharpening Your Axe

1. While sharpening Your axe, always wear gloves to prevent physical damage. Don’t use heavy Ones cause it will make you feel an extra amount of weight and eventually will increase the time.

2. Give full concentration and careful with the other hand because otherwise, you will end up losing your fingers.

3. Wear a mask to cover your eyes from metal dust and woods. Always clean your axe if there’s any dust or nasty things attached. You can do it with bleach or clean water.

4. And if you are doing that with machines or electronic gadgets, Don’t forget to use safety goggles

So by using and properly maintaining these steps, you can easily sharpen your axe without causing any harm. Always remember that Safety is first, do not harm yourself by remaining unmindful in the whole Process


So now you how to sharpen your axe in different ways. Of course, you won’t be able to use most of the options we mentioned always. Because you won’t have the necessary tools for that. That is exactly why we provided 5 different options.

I hope you find it helpful.


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