How To Replace A Quartz Watch Battery? DIY (2022)

Today we are going to talk about whether you can replace a Quartz Watch battery or not. And how you can do that.

In modern times, the demand for a quality timepiece is still the same as it was before. But for some people, It’s more than just a device that shows time. So It’s an inevitable fact that everybody would want the best brand in hand and in that case in this era Quartz watches are holding first place in the race of popularity.

Quartz watches have been one of the most popular and well-known watch brands for many years. It’s because of Its exceptional qualities and tons of many other facilities. Besides battery transforms, you don’t have to go through a lot of adjusting or repairing and they’ll be more precise than many other costly mechanical watches.

Can you replace a quartz watch battery?

Well, when you see that your watch’s timing is not accurate as it was before or any kind of performance reducing fact, the main thing you have to change is Its battery. In most cases, this problem occurs when your battery goes out of order. There is nothing else that will intervene in showing the time or slowing it.

How to replace a quartz watch battery?

Going to a watch shop to change your battery is kind of expensive and also time-consuming. To save money and time, you can do it at home. It and the watch how hard it will be for you to change it by yourself. It is usually a simple task that you can do with some handy tools. Here are some rules you have to maintain while changing your battery-

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Rule No- 1

Always try to use the battery with a pair of plastic tweezers. Various types of dirt from your fingers can harm the watch. If you can’t completely insert the battery with tweezers, use a piece of Rodico or rubber finger cots on your fingertips to protect the battery. You will get an advantage if you have long fingernails because those are beneficial for pushing the battery into the exact place.

Rule No- 2

Don’t touch any part of the watch except the battery, its straps, and its screws. And touch these only with tweezers – plastic for the battery and thin metal tweezers for the screws and retainer strap.

Rule No- 3

In numerous quartz watches, predominantly computerized or a blend of simple and advanced, the electronic circuit should be cleared before the prerequisite task of changing the battery is electronic circuit should be cleared. This arrangement is called an AC – or all-reasonable – circuit. This is regularly a little silver or gold-shaded stamped AC on the rear of the development.

Rule No- 4

To clear the circuit before changing the battery, try to it with metal tweezers. Try to keep one mark of the tweezers on the dot and the other on the positive (+) side of the battery. Or then again push a spring tab onto the AC spot with a tweezer tip or test. Regardless, the watch show will probably get clear and be prepared for a battery change. On certain models, the showcase may remain, yet the watch can’t be reset until the AC is cleared

How Long Do Quartz Watch Batteries Last?

It’s pretty much known to everyone that a replacement product Doesn’t last the same amount of time as the original one. So the main battery will possibly last longer than the changed one.

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The very first main battery of your Quartz watch will give you service for nearly 4-5 years. But it depends actually how much care you take because incidents like falling from a long distance or drowning in water might harm the lifespan of the battery. Also sometimes you know not usually if your luck doesn’t work much, the time might come down to 2-3 years (Exceptional case). 

Now the replaced one will not work as the original one as I have mentioned earlier. So you have to take extra care to get more lifespan from this one. This replacement one usually doesn’t last more than 1-2 years, that too in the case with proper care.

What Kind Of Battery Does A Quartz Watch Take?

Lithium Quartz Watch Battery

Lithium watch batteries are pretty much well known. It’s Actually because of their exceptional qualities like high voltage capacity (generally 3V), low self-release rate, and long stockpiling life. So as it contains all these characteristics, this is the main motivation behind why it is the most prescribed one in the case of quartz watches.

Silver Oxide Quartz Watch Battery

This sort of watch battery normally has a voltage of 1.55V. It is also likewise the most well-known battery people use for quartz watches. Its main qualities are high actual thickness and strength. This battery also has an inevitable advantage in that it Doesn’t affect the environment at all like others.

Silver Peroxide Quartz Watch Battery

Some people call this the divalent silver quartz watch battery. The voltage capacity of this battery is 1.55V. This kind of battery has a high limit. But it has a disadvantage. The voltage stability of this one is not as good as the Silver Oxide.

Solar Cell Quartz Watch Battery

This one gets the power of energy from the sun, this is what makes it special and exceptional. This battery functions by changing light energy into electrical energy. In solar-powered watches, such as the Casio Edifice and Tissot T-Touch watches usually use these types of sunlight energy-based watches. The most advantage you get in this battery is you necessarily don’t have to change it every few months or years. But you have to recharge it though.

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Mercury Oxide Quartz Watch Battery

It was invented a long time ago. It has a voltage of 1.35V. But people Don’t recommend this one very much cause it pollutes the environment a lot. That’s why people use more eco-friendly batteries such as  the Silver Oxide

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Watch Battery?

Normal batteries in General cost between £1–£5. But there are some additional facts in the case of Changing the battery that usually increases the price.

  1. If your watch is highly exceptional and needs a Special tool or way to replace the battery, you have to spend some extra amount in that case.
  2. If your watch doesn’t go along with a common-size battery then the shopkeeper will most probably charge you extra.
  3. Assuming it falls into the extravagance class of watch, all things considered, you would need a specially trained mechanic, and you can expect a bill of £100 or more, depending on the specific model.

How Much Does A Quartz Watch Battery Cost?

When the battery dies, the quartz watch movement will stop working, and you have to buy a new one. A battery change will you around $10 to $60, depending on how much work is involved in resealing and testing a water-resistant timepiece after the battery has been replaced.

A battery change for some complex watches with hybrid quartz and chronograph movements would cost you from $65 to $95. If you pay $45 or more for a battery change, the repair shop may clean the case and the bracelet for you, and re-polishing steel or gold bracelets and cases would cost you extra.

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