How to Make Watch Glow Brighter? Is There a Solution? 2022

In this blog post, we will teach you how to make your watch glow brighter! It can be a challenge for many people to see the time on their watches in the dark. However, there are some hacks that can help make it easier. We will discuss how to take care of your watch so that it lasts longer and how to keep it glowing.

First you need to know, there are 3 types of watches that glow.

1) Electroluminescent watch

We’ll start with how to make a watch glow brighter. Electroluminescent watches are the type of wristwatch that can light up whenever it needs power, and they produce their own light when there’s no other source in sight. Some people find this kind of personal illumination useful because they don’t need an external energy source like many other types do.

How to make electroluminescent watch glow brighter?

Change the battery to glow it brighter

This is how you can make the battery in your electroluminescent watch last longer and how to keep it from dimming. Replacing the batteries will ensure that your watch continues shining brightly for a long time, and since the source of that light is the battery itself, changing the battery is the right course of action.

When you notice your electroluminescent watch is getting dimmer and dimmer, it is probably because the battery is getting weaker and weaker.

How to Make Watch Glow Brighter
How to Make Watch Glow Brighter

2) Photoluminescent watch

This type of watch will be powered by the light it receives, but how is that possible?

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It uses a small strip (called phosphor) which absorbs photons and converts them into electrical energy. This luminous material can then release visible light for up to several hours after being exposed to sunlight or another strong source of illumination.

The amount of time you are able to see the illuminated digits on your wristwatch depends on how brightly the luminescent paint glows when stimulated with this external radiation. If it has been a long time that you kept your watch in a dark room, it will get difficult to notice.

But that does not mean, your watch is broken. It is not. If you are coming from outside and pick up your watch that you kept in dark for a long time, you will find it hard to see.

However, if your eyes are adapted to the darkness for that time being, you will be able to see that the watch is still emitting light.

How do I make my photoluminescent watch glow brighter?

Expose it to light periodically

The key is how to make the light last longer. Generally, you can keep your watch in a darkened area if not used for an extended period of time or expose it to sunlight periodically. This way, its brightness will be maintained and stay visible when taken out from dark place into bright environment.

Use sunlight or UV light

The other way to make a watch glow brighter is by exposing it to sunlight or UV light. The natural energy from the sun will also help keep the brightness of your watch and prolong its life span, as well. However, it will take less time to recharge the light.

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It will take around 20 minutes to fully charge your photoluminescent watch to glow brightest again.

3) Radio-luminescent watch

Radio-luminescent watches are a special type of watch that glows without any external source of light. Radioluminescence is the process by which energy from radioactive materials, such as radium or tritium (hydrogen-powered), causes them to emit visible light for up to eight hours after being charged with an equal amount of non-radioactive material.

The main disadvantage of radio-luminescent watches is that they glow all the time, and they don’t need anything for recharge.


The glow of a watch is most effective when it’s exposed to sunlight or UV light periodically. This will help keep the phosphorescent material charged and glowing brightly for hours on end, even if you don’t have your hands on it all day long.

If you need to charge up your timepiece in between sun-soaked days, expose it to artificial light sources like lamps and fluorescent bulbs as well as natural ones such as daylight coming through windows. 

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