How To Clean A Leather Belt Effectively in 2021?

Some people tend to think that keeping a leather belt clean is an impossible task, but with proper guide and maintenance, you can clean a leather belt quite easily. Leather belts are not like cheap things that can remain dirty for a long time.

So as you are spending a quite big amount of money, you will want to keep those belts clean. Because if you don’t, your belt will be ruined by dirt and stains.

When would you understand that it’s time to clean a leather belt?

1. After using over a month or two, you may see some stains and those are very normal to appear. But if you don’t take initiative to remove them, they might cause your belt permanent damage.

2. Sometimes you might feel a bit tight or rough and can experience an uncomfortable situation while wearing the belt. This is because leather belts tend to stiffen when you don’t take proper care.

3. If you usually wear these belts at the office or workplace, it is normal that sweat and watery stains might pop up.

4. And the most common fact of all, your belt will start exuding sweat and dirt. It will lose its Natural burnish and become dusty.

How To Clean A Leather Belt
How To Clean A Leather Belt

Cleaning Methods Of Washing Belt

1. Daily Cleaning

•It’s not necessary that a belt has to be filled with dirt to wash it. You can also keep it clean after a few days or when you see small dirt or stains.

At the very fast, you can start with cleaning it using a soft cloth soaked with water. It will work better if you use warm water. You have to wipe down every part of the belt especially the areas where you think there’s a little bit of dirt. Don’t forget to do it with proper pressure.

• Now some times only soft cloth Doesn’t help that much in this case.  So you can use a chemical substance to reduce the dirt from growth. If you want to save your pocket, you can use soap. But sometimes soap can cause you a lot of trouble as it is not made for those. You might not want those troubles with your expensive belt. So this is where a leather cleaner comes in. Always buy a cleaner which is made for leather.

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You can use the cleaner on the soft cloth and then use it to wash the belt. You can use this leather cleaner in many types of ways. Such as putting the cleaner in water and then mixing it up. So you can then clean the belt with a cloth soaked with that chemical mixed water. If these ways seem too much complicated to you, you can simply spray the cleaner on the belt and then rub it with something.

• When you use cleaner, the belt needs some time to absorb the cleaner completely, so It’s beneficial to leave it in that condition ( mixed with cleaner) for an hour. In this case, the cleaner will be inside the belt and when you touch the belt you will not feel those chemical substances in the hand.

2. Stains

• Now it’s very normal to have dirty stains on the belt. But It’s best if you try to take the necessary measures when the stain is young because it will cause a great problem if it becomes permanent.

1.For small and random stains, you can use a lemon splash. It contains an acid that works quite impressively on stains. At first, you have to leave the belt mixed with that lemon juice. Then after sometimes wash it away with a fresh cloth

2. For oil-based stains, you have to use cornstarch. Because cornstarch’s powder is very effective in case of absorbing oil type dirt. So you can throw some cornstarch powder on the oil and give it some time.

Sometimes the oil stain can be powerful or older. In that case, you can use a cloth or your fingers and rub the belt with that powder by putting in a minimal amount of pressure.

3. Now if you use the belt in education institutions, then it might have some stains caused by pen or marker’s ink. In case of those stains, simple water Won’t be enough. You have to use rubbing alcohol to remove those stains.

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4. Now if you have gone through some wet areas, your belt is most likely to have some water dents. It’s very easy to remove those stains, you can just simply use a wet cloth and put pressure on those water stains.

Avoid Basic Cleansers

Some care has to be taken to use and clean any product made of leather. So it is necessary to avoid salty and alcoholic cleansers. Bleach, amino acid cleaners should be avoided when cleaning leather goods.

Fungus Problem

The fungus can often build upon leather goods due to damp weather or getting wet. In that case, the leather thing should be kept in a warm room and dried completely. Then clean with shampoo or a mild cleanser and dry well again. To avoid this problem, bags or other leather goods should be taken out and kept in the air at least once every two weeks.

Now as you have to go through a lot of ways to clean your belt, your belt might end up being wet. So you need to deodorize it otherwise you Won’t be able to wear it. Here’s a list of ways so can you will be able to deodorize it perfectly.

1. Try activated carbon

Add some to a bag or different air-tight instrumentality, and throw the belt within. Seal it up, and keep it there for one day or sometime near. If it still smells, you may leave it there for more than a day.

You can notice activated carbon at pet stores (in the fish supplies)

2. Use clay

Another choice for deodorizing is clay. clay is meant to soak up odors for obvious reasons. To use, seal the belt with the clay in an airtight condition. Let it sit there a day. Keep it there if it still needs deodorizing.[

3. Use bicarbonate

another effective ingredient for deodorizing. You can also use this by sealing the belt with it like the rest of the above ingredients.

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Things Not To Do

1.Finger Polish Remover

Don’t ever think of using nail polish remover to clean a stain or mark off your belt. Nail polish contains a dissolver, which removes all color, making an oversized bleached spot around the space wherever it’s applied.

2. Shoe Polish

You need to know that the leather that is used while making your shoes is completely different from the leather of your belt, both structurally and ingredient-based. The leather on your belt doesn’t tend to soak up the polish which is specifically made for shoes.

So instead of making it more charming, it will just end up creating a mess on your belt and also on the shirt and pants wherever it touches.

3. Hair Spray

If you check the internet, you will eventually learn from some sources that hair spray can also be used in cleaning the leather, which is completely wrong. It is because there’s a significant amount of alcohol in the liquid of the spray.

And also it doesn’t do anything to remove the stains of a leather belt, on the contrary, it paves the way for gathering more dust for the leather.

4. Markers

It is very normal to have some stains or color based problems in the leather. Sometimes human mind Doesn’t want to go through a lot of effort to remove just simple one stain. So here are the mistakes people always do – they use a similar colored marker to remove the stain or ordinarily banishing it.

But they always just end up making it worse. You will never be able to make the belt as it was by using just a marker. On the contrary, the ink of that marker will do much harm to the leather.

5. Window Cleaners

Do not use these window cleaners as they have an alcohol-based ingredient that is harmful to the leather. Try to avoid all these chemical substances that contain alcohol.

So if you follow this instruction carefully and maintain all the rules and Regulations, you can easily clean a leather belt without causing any harm.

Always remember those shortcut ways may save your time and hard work but still, some cheap ways will do irreparable harm to the leather.

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