How to Carry An iPhone With You in 2021 | 5 Great Ways

Every day we hear from people who are frustrated with their iPhones and want to know how they can carry an iPhone in a more convenient way.

For most of our lives, carrying an item was as easy as putting it in your pocket or purse. But when you’re carrying around one of the world’s most valuable and coveted gadgets, this is not always possible. Whether you’re looking for more ways to protect your phone from damage or just trying to find something that will make it easier for you to carry on the go, here are some great ideas that will help get rid of those frustrations!

5 Great Ways to Carry An iPhone

1. Use a belt clip

Carrying your iPhone on a belt clip is an excellent way to keep it accessible and secure. The best part? It’s affordable, stylish, and easy to use!

Benefit: Your phone will be able to easily slide in and out of your belt clip, so you’ll never have to worry about it falling. You can also adjust the size according to what is most comfortable for you!

Drawback: This option may not look as professional or sophisticated if you’re carrying a suit, but it’s perfect for those who want that extra bit of convenience on their way into work every day.

Best For: Those looking for something more affordable and practical than an iPhone case; anyone with a busy schedule and little time – this easy-to-use accessory allows them instant access at all times without having to hold onto anything else.

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How to carry an iPhone

2. Get a case with a built-in pocket 

A great way to carry your phone is with an iPhone case that has a built-in pocket. This is good because it will protect your phone and save you storage space in the bag or purse you are carrying. It will also help you to be hands-free and not have a bulky purse.

The drawbacks and the benefits are the same as the previous option.

3. Put it in your bra or pants pockets 

It’s a good idea to carry your iPhone in your bra or pants pockets. That way, you can always check the time and text messages quickly. It will also save you from carrying anything else in your pockets.

The drawbacks are that it might be uncomfortable and difficult to reach when sitting down at a desk, meeting, or restaurant. The benefits include convenience, comfort, and accessibility

This is good for someone who doesn’t have much time on their hands but still needs constant access to a phone throughout the day – even if it means just checking the time every now and again. It’s also very portable so they won’t need an additional bag or purse that would only weigh them down more with items like pens, keys, wallet, etc. They can take out their iPhone in seconds without any hassle of opening up a bulky case.

4. Wear an armband 

In order to carry your iPhone with you while exercising, the best option is to wear an armband or some sort of case on your bicep. It’s easy and less bulky than carrying a purse.

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The benefits include convenience, comfort, and accessibility.

5. Carry it in your purse, backpack, or satchel

You can purchase a carrying case for your iPhone. This will protect it from water and any other moisture and keep it safe from damage.

The main advantage of carrying an iPhone in your purse is that it will not be dropped. This can happen when you’re out and about or juggling other things like children, work bags, keys, etc. You’ll also have easy access to the phone while on the go so no need for digging around!

On the flip side; there are many disadvantages too! If someone steals your bag they could get away with more than just your phone if you don’t close up properly before leaving a public place – even sitting at home leaves risk as any intruder can enter through an open window or door and make off with anything left unsecured. Another downside: women who carry their phones in purses might find themselves preferring larger handbags because they don’t want to carry around their phones.

Apple recommends keeping your iPhone in a bag that is close to your body, such as a purse or backpack.

If you have a cell phone, then it is emitting electromagnetic fields (EMF). These waves are more than capable of causing DNA damage in your body.

The best way

If you are running or jogging, carrying your iPhone using an armband the best option for you. If you are at a party you using the inside pocket of the suit is more suitable for you. And for women carrying it inside the purse is the best option.

If you do not have an armband purse or anything and you are in a hurry, carrying your iPhone in your bra or in the pant pocket is the best quick emergency solution for you.

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The best way to carry your iPhone is on the person, either in a pocket or holster. Carrying it with you at all times will ensure that if someone steals your phone they will only get away with one item and not everything valuable from inside of your bag. It also makes accessing the phone for photo-taking, texting, etc. much more convenient as opposed to having to dig through bags or pockets each time!

Is carrying a cell phone in a pocket dangerous?

Apple recommends keeping your iPhone in a bag that is close to your body, such as a purse or backpack.

If you have a cell phone, then it is emitting electromagnetic fields (EMF). These waves are more than capable of causing DNA damage in your body.

The electromagnetic field (EMF) is a form of radiation that has been linked to possible health issues like cancer, slow development, and memory loss. According to the World Health Organization, cell phones are a possible carcinogen due to radiation.

So we suggest you follow the other methods we mentioned earlier. And carry your iPhone in your pocket only when you do not have any other options.

There is a solution to avoid radiation.

Nowadays everyone is concerned about the harmful effects of mobile phones. With SYB 5G Phone Shield you can protect yourself and your family from dangerous radiation caused by cell phone use.

SYB 5G Phone Shield is an effective way to avoid the negative effects of radiation. It can reduce exposure by up to 98%.

So, how do you carry your iPhone? Feel free to let us know how in the comment section.


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