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As a mom, your everyday carry items are most likely different than they were before you had kids. You now have to take more things with you that will help keep your little ones safe and happy.

Whether you’re running errands or taking a day trip, it’s important to have the best everyday carry for moms in order to make life easier. Here are 19 of our favorite everyday items every mom should own!

15 Everyday carry for moms

Everyday Carry for Moms
Everyday Carry for Moms


A wallet is the one thing with you at all times. Your everyday items are always stored in your wallet, so it’s important to get a good one that will last and be sturdy enough for what you need on a daily basis. A high-quality leather or faux leather wallet should do just fine!

It’s worth mentioning that when choosing a leather wallet, make sure they’re not made from real animal skin. There are plenty of vegan wallets available these days that still offer durability and style – like this Menbur French Faux Leather Wallet With Coin Purse for example!

Watch for mom

It’s essential to have a good watch on your wrist that will last. A metal watch with an easy-to-read face and other features should suit any mom well. The Fossil Leather Watch With Stainless Steel Bracelet would work great for everyday carry! It looks stylish while also being durable enough for day-to-day use.

Other options include wearing jewelry items as watches (like this beautiful diamond bracelet), wearing something strapped around her arm such as a FitBit, or grabbing one of those new watches that use the phone’s Bluetooth connection.

Mobile phone

No matter what, a mom needs her mobile phone. It’s the best everyday carry item that any mom can keep on their person at all times!

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is an excellent choice for moms – it offers great battery life and plenty of storage space. Plus, with its amazing camera quality, she’ll be able to take beautiful pictures wherever she goes without too much worry about carrying around another device like a camera.

The newest version also has a USB-C port which means wire-free charging if you have one of those new wireless chargers from Apple or Samsung. If not, there are many other options out there for this increasingly popular method of keeping your devices charged up every day as well.

Wear a Mask

The outdoors is so lovely! But, it’s important to take precautions for your health and the health of those around you. One thing that we all know can be especially hazardous outside is germs. The best way to help protect yourself from these pesky invaders? A mask.

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There are many types available now – one-time use or reusable masks, also known as N95 respirator masks which will filter out the bad stuff in the air (for example pollution) but still allow you to breathe comfortably through them thanks to a valve system at their bottom end. These masks come in various shapes and sizes depending on personal preference as well as need (i.e., with infants).

Menstrual pad

Menstrual pads or sanitary napkins are a key part of every woman’s everyday carry for moms.

One thing that most women don’t think about is how to pack up their menstruation products and make sure they have them with them when out in public, like at work or school.

You need not worry! A lot of menstrual pad brands sell small and discrete packaging so you can easily slip your product into the smallest pocket on your purse without anyone knowing what it is. This also makes these items easy to find when needed! Don’t forget tampons too folks – sometimes those are best placed in a more discreet baggie than the average person might keep around (i.e., medical kit).


The Keychain is a great everyday carry item for moms. It’s small, compact, and can be clipped onto your purse, keyring, or belt loop so that you never forget it again.

It holds up to four keys on the main ring and has an optional carabiner clip attached for attaching additional items such as dog leashes or water bottles; all without being bulky at all!

The best part about this product is how secure it feels in your hand when carrying around these little necessities – just make sure not to over-fill it with extra objects because then its usefulness may go down due to slippage of contents from the weight. This way you know what you’re grabbing when looking around frantically for where those keys went

Pocket Knife

It is a good idea for moms to carry a pocket knife because it can be useful in extreme situations. A pocket knife should be used with care especially when mothers are busy with kids or house chores.

In everyday life, there are many situations where moms need to use a pocket knife. They can be useful for opening jars and packages when kids cannot do it themselves. It also comes in handy during emergency car breakdowns or mechanical malfunctions on the freeway with little ones in tow.

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Plus, you never know what might happen at home while you’re busy tending to your children’s needs; this is why any good mom should keep one close by just in case!

Pocket mirror

A pocket mirror is a good idea to carry around for moms. It’s always nice to have when you want your makeup done or if you need to do some self-touchups throughout the day.

Some mirrors also come with a light so they can be used as an emergency flashlight in case of power outages, which means it’s even more helpful than just being able to see one’s appearance!

There are many different types of pocket mirrors too; from compact and tiny ones that fit in your purse or wallet, all the way up to “mirrorless” type items like lipstick containers (and everything in between).

Small comb

It’s always good to have a small comb for your hair and other items you want in your purse or on-the-go bag. It’s also very helpful when the children are tugging on their mom’s hair for one more hug, as it gives her an easy way to quickly brush through any knots they may find themselves tangled up in without having to go home!


It’s a good idea to carry tissues with you because if you or someone else sneezes unexpectedly, then you can quickly offer them a tissue and help prevent germs from spreading.

Moms, you should always carry tissues because it’s good to be prepared. And if your kids get sick sometimes at school and ask for a tissue, they’ll have one with them!


I think every mom should carry bandages because those unexpected scrapes and bruises can happen to anyone at any time. In fact, you can use them to stop bleeding or cover small cuts and scrapes. The best way to treat a cut is by cleaning it, then wrapping it in a bandage.

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I recommend that every Mom should carry a flashlight if possible. It’s always good to be prepared in case you are ever stuck out at night. A flashlight could be used to find your way back or help provide light in a dark environment.

A good quality and reliable flashlight should always be included on this list of everyday carry items for moms because you never know when you may need it!


Lighters are great as everyday carry items for moms because they can be used to light candles of signal when you need help. The best way to use a lighter is by turning it upside down and lighting the wick while pressing on the flint.

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It’s important that all Moms have a reliable source of fire so I recommend always carrying extra lighters with them at all times, just in case!

Safety pins

If you are going somewhere and know that you will need a safety pin, why would you not carry one? Safety pins are super useful. They can hold things together or keep clothes closed. You should have some in your purse whenever possible. Safety pins are also great if you ever need a quick band-aid.

Safety pins can be used for many things and I think it’s important to always have some on hand! They make awesome everyday carry items for moms because they will come in handy one day, without a doubt.

I recommend that all Moms who often wear dresses or skirts should keep safety pins in their purses at all times. If something happens where your clothes split while out on the town, those safety pins could save the day! Keep them with you and I promise you won’t regret it. You never know when you’ll need them.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are also a great everyday carry item for moms. They’re perfect to have on hand in the car or at home so that you never have an excuse not to clean up any messes! If your kids love finger painting and then want some snacks–no worries! Have those wet wipes handy. What’s more important than making sure our little ones feel fresh?

Just make sure they always get cleaned up after by using these handy items with them. You can’t forget about yourself too though; keep a pack of moist tissues close by like Kleenex when you’re feeling under the weather or if there is no running water nearby because it was contaminated during emergencies.


You can find the 15 best everyday carry items for moms below. We hope this list helps you feel more prepared and confident in your role as a mom! If you have any questions or if we missed anything, feel free to reach out to us at our contact information listed above. We’d love to hear from you! 

We know that being a mom is hard work, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways around some of those challenges when they come up. With these 15 everyday carry essentials, the packing will be easier than ever before; parenting becomes just a little bit simpler with each item on this list!


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