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Doesn’t matter what you do or where you live you should have an everyday carry kit. Having EDC kits is always helpful. You can’t predict how or when you might need some EDC gears. Well, that’s why they are called everyday gear. Moreover, being prepared all the time won’t cost you much. 

You can try and build your own EDC gear consisting of the things you need. But that might cost you a fortune. So, it’s always a good idea to go for the pre-built EDC kits.

Where to find them?

Well, you can find a lot of EDC kits on amazon. But to help you out with making your buying choice we are here with the best 11 EDC kits out there. They are sure to help you out in your everyday life to stay vigilant. Because you don’t know what might come your way. 

Let’s check out the kits right away. 

Best EDC kits
Best EDC kits

11 Best EDC Kits reviews

1) World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent

Ever thought of carrying a tent in your pocket? Then your thoughts will come into reality with this product. It’s a super-compact tent kit that you can easily carry in your pocket. Would that be enough and give enough protection? The answer lies ahead.

Now this answer might wonder you but it can accommodate two people inside. And features all-weather protection. So, you will be safe from rough weather conditions all year round.

If we are talking about survival then this can be the best shelter for that purpose. Due to the portability, you won’t have to worry about emergencies. It will be like having shelter in your pockets. 

It comes with a paracord that has extreme durability. You won’t have to worry even a little about the sturdiness of the tent. 

World's Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent
World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent


  • Ultralight and compact 
  • All year weather protection 
  • Tear-resistant, durable, and HeatFlex mylar built 
  • Highly durable paracords 
  • Flexible construction 
  • Has good space 


  • Very easy to carry around 
  • You can set it up easily 
  • Has enough room for two people 
  • Provides excellent protection in every weather 
  • Reusable 
  • Value for money 


  • Can’t hold off rough winds or storms 
  • A bit fragile 

Anyone who loves to hike or go on sudden trips should carry one of these all the time. Also, someone likely to get stranded should carry one all the time. 

2) Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier Titanium Medium

Whenever you think of a toolbox an image of a huge box pops up in your head. But with the Gerber Suspension Multi-tool, you can forget that image.

You will be getting 12 tools for your work in single frame construction. Now, that’s the dream for any professional worker. 

This one comes with 12 different tools that have various purposes. It has got primary pliers that come with springs loaded inside. And with that you get-

  • Regular plier
  • Serrated blade
  • Scissors
  • Can opener 
  • Plain edge blade
  • Small flathead
  • Large flathead
  • Bottle opener
  • Cross driver
  • Wirecutter
  • Saw

Even with all these tools, the kit is super light to carry. It comes with a lightweight steel frame. Also, has a safety lock system so you don’t get injured accidentally. 

Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier [22-01471],Titanium,Medium
Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier [22-01471] Titanium Medium


  • Comes with 12 tools in one 
  • Lightweight construction 
  • Safety lock feature 
  • Portable 
  • Butterfly opening 
  • Has got a sheath to carry the toolkit 


  • Very easy to carry in your pocket
  • No need for additional toolboxes 
  • Serves a lot of different purposes 
  • Safety lock keeps you safe from injuries
  • Easy to access and reliable 
  • Worth your money


  • The pouch isn’t very durable 
  • Pliers aren’t very effective in sideways movement 

This is a tool anyone might need at any moment. But mainly electricians, plumbers, and such workers will get the best use out of this multipurpose tool. 

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3) 11 in 1 Function Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool

This is one must-have item on your wallet. With this toolkit, you can have a complete package on a credit card. It comes with 11 tools that let you work on different items. 

The best thing about the credit card size pocket tool is the size. You can just keep it in your wallet and have a toolkit all by itself. With this one, you also get a leather case. For the tools, you will be getting – 

  • Butterfly Screw wrench 
  • Can opener 
  • 2-position wrench
  • 4-position wrench
  • Screwdriver 
  • Bottlecap opener 
  • Ruler 
  • Direction axillary wrench
  • Saw blade
  • Knife-edge 
  • Keychain hole

Well, another attractive part of this is the price. Usually, buying all these tools separately will cost you a lot more than what you pay for this toolkit. 

11 in 1 Function Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool (10-Pack)
11 in 1 Function Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool (10-Pack)


  • It has got 11 different tools
  • Very much compact 
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comes with a leather case
  • Lightweight 


  • Delivers a wide range of functions 
  • You can carry it in your pocket
  • Leather case for easy carrying 
  • Priced very low 


  • None in particular 

The price you pay for this makes it worth it for anyone. Every person can own one of these and get some use out of it. You will feel the need for it in your everyday life. 

4) Pocket Multi-Tool Kit, (22-in-1)

Picture 22 different tools inside your pocket. Having a hard time? Well, that’s natural. But this toolkit we have makes that look easy. This one is a pocket-sized toolkit with 22 tools that give you an experience of full-sized tools. 

You can use this one for any kind of simple installation and repair work. On top of that, the quality of the tools is also top-notch. The toolkit is made of solid steel so durability is an obvious factor here. 

The compact feature of the tool makes it worth it. But even with the compact size, the tools have the same capability as full-sized tools. And the price you will pay for 22 tools is just too good to be true. 

Pocket Multi-Tool Kit, (22-in-1) Tool with Wrenches
Pocket Multi-Tool Kit, (22-in-1) Tool with Wrenches


  • 22 different tools 
  • Compact in size
  • Heavy-duty construction 
  • Integral lock for keeping it together 
  • High-quality tools 


  • Serves different functions 
  • Easy to carry around
  • Very durable built quality 
  • Due to integral lock doesn’t get messy
  • Capable like full-sized tools
  • Worth your money


  • A little bit bulky
  • Overweight for a pocket tool

This is a dream tool for all the technicians and electricians out there. Well, they don’t mind a little bit of weight and bulkiness in their tool. And if you don’t mind it either then this is a great catch for you as well. 

5) Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool

With a wide variety of usage, this is a great survival kit for anyone. You can get a lot of use from this toolkit if you travel now and then. In this one, you get 6 different tools in your pocket with minimal space. 

There is no need to describe how important it is to have a knife out in the woods. But the most important factor here is having a sharp knife.

That’s why keeping a knife sharpener is another thing you need. With the sharpener, you also get a fire starter, emergency whistle, and various rods. 

You can sharp your knife however you want to with this one. It has got abrasive material that allows gives you optimum durability in sharpening. And the importance of fire for survival is unimaginable. 

Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool
Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener & Survival Tool


  • Has a variety of functions 
  • Provides quality sharpening
  • Comes with optimal sharpening angles 
  • Portable 
  • Has a comfortable grip


  • Sharpens knife well
  • Comes with a fire starter 
  • Can sharpen your knife at different angles 
  • Emergency whistle for rescue calls 
  • Easy to carry in your pocket 
  • Built with extremely durable material


  • Not suitable for everyone 

Most people who love to go hiking or camping will get the best use of it. They will love their experience with the tool. Also, hunters ought to have a great time with it. You can use it for sharpening your kitchen knives as well. 

6) DLY Survival First Aid Kit Molle System

A complete camping and hiking solution is here for you. You get to have everything you need for a camping trip out in the woods. Starting from all the necessary tools like knives, scissors, and flashlights to medkits you get it all here. 

Is this an everyday carry though? Well, you wouldn’t mind having it if you plan for a trip to the woods. Also, you can keep one at your home for emergencies like earthquakes. The whole thing comes with a lot of items packed in a bag.

You get portable water filtration for yourself. This is an essential item you might need in the woods or in times of survival. It has got all the necessary med kit items, all sorts of camping, and hiking tools. And the bag you get all of this in is a highly durable bag you would love having.  

DLY Survival First Aid Kit Molle System Compatible Outdoor Gear Emergency Kits
DLY Survival First Aid Kit Molle System Compatible Outdoor Gear Emergency Kits


  • A bag load of items 
  • Filled with survival tools
  • Comes with an emergency blanket 
  • A complete med-kit 
  • A personal water purification system
  • Highly durable bag 
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  • All in one camping solution 
  • High-quality bag for carrying all the tools
  • Good quality gears 
  • Portable water filter
  • Great for emergencies 
  • Worth every penny


  • Not for regular use

Well, in short, this is a lifesaver kit. So, anyone can have this one and use it. Although campers, hikers, travelers will love to have this. But having this can save your life in emergencies such as an earthquake. So, you can keep one ready at your home all the time. This is a survival kit in its truest form. 

7) KOSIN Survival Gear and Equipment, 500 Pcs Survival First Aid kit

For camping or hiking, you need to have some survival gear. You can’t tell when something goes wrong. And for that purpose, you can always rely on Kosin survival gear. You don’t need to get everything separately as you get them all in a package. 

This one comes with a sturdy box for keeping all those gears safe and organized. You get 18 different tools in the kit. All the tools you get inside this kit come with the highest of quality. 

This can be your guide in the wilderness because of the compass you get with it. Then there are other obvious survival tools such as knives, wire saw, emergency blanket, flintstone, flashlights, etc.

Along with that, you get a set of tools for repairing stuff. The kit isn’t heavy to carry either. Even with 18 high-quality tools, this complete kit weighs about 1.4 pounds. 

KOSIN Survival Gear and Equipment, 500 Pcs Survival First Aid kit
KOSIN Survival Gear and Equipment, 500 Pcs Survival First Aid kit


  • Lightweight construction 
  • Comes with 18 different tools
  • High-quality materials on tools
  • A complete survival kit 
  • Multi-purpose credit card knife
  • Durable package 


  • Easy to carry around
  • Serves a lot of different purposes 
  • Durable baggage
  • Tools quality is top-notch 
  • Convenient size 


  • Not for everyday use

Undeniably a great option for the campers and hikers. You won’t need anything else if you have got one of these. Also, a great addition for hunters due to the variety of functionalities. 

8) Stealth Angel Compact 8-in-1 Survival Kit

This is the perfect-sized survival kit you can find on the market. It’s a kit you can carry wherever you go. This isn’t necessarily meant for only camping or hiking. If you combine everything then you can get 1000 different kinds of use from this survival kit. 

In the kit, you will get 8 different tools that you can use in multiple scenarios. This is for sure an everyday carry kit you should have. This is the smartest survival kit package you can find. The durability is also quite good.

STEALTH ANGEL Compact 8-IN-1 Survival Kit
STEALTH ANGEL Compact 8-IN-1 Survival Kit


  • It has 8 different tools
  • Durable, waterproof case
  • Variety of usage
  • Compact in size 


  • You can get a lot of different uses from this 
  • The case is built of high-quality materials 
  • The perfect sized survival kit 
  • Great for everyday usage 
  • Worth your money


  • Tool qualities aren’t up to the mark

It’s a survival kit for emergencies. So, anyone can get a load of this. But campers and hikers will get the most use out of this. 

9) EILIKS Survival Gear Kit, Emergency EDC

To get the best experience out in the wilderness it’s always better to have a survival kit. We have got one for you that you might love.

It comes with 24 tools with different functionalities. All these tools are very practical and put together with a lot of thought. 

The survival kit is very lightweight. You can easily carry it around, keep it in the drawers of your car or your backpack. It’s very convenient to use as well.

The quality you get from this is top-notch.

EILIKS Survival Gear Kit, Emergency EDC Survival Tools 24 in 1 SOS Earthquake Aid Equipment
EILIKS Survival Gear Kit, Emergency EDC Survival Tools 24 in 1 SOS Earthquake Aid Equipment


  • 24 different tools with unique purposes 
  • Very compact 
  • Lightweight construction 
  • Quality gears inside 


  • Very easy to carry 
  • Has a lot of usage in emergencies 
  • Top-quality tools are packed in it 
  • Durable box for carrying the tools


  • Not that great for frequent usage 

The people who love to go on adventures will love this kit. It can be their EDC kit for any kind of trip they go to. It’s good for emergencies as well.

10) Lever Gear BitVault – Keychain Carry Case

This is the truest EDC kit you can get for yourself. The reason is there is no particular group to use this kit. Every single person can feel the need to have one of these. The kit comes with a variety of usage. 

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You can carry a lot of small items. It is sure to keep them safe and secure. Whether it’s pills or toothpick or phone adapters you can carry it all. That’s not it. 

It has got a portable screwdriver as well. So, you can repair stuff on the go. This can be the best addition for cyclists. 

The whole thing is made of metal so durability is a must on this. Also, it has a cap that keeps the stuff inside dry. Once you have it you will carry it every day and everywhere.

Lever Gear BitVault - Keychain Carry Case & Compact EDC Screwdrive
Lever Gear BitVault – Keychain Carry Case & Compact EDC Screwdrive


  • Very portable 
  • Works like a keychain 
  • It has screwdrivers installed 
  • Enough room for storing a lot of small items 
  • Waterproof sealing 
  • Durable built 


  • Everyone can get something out of it 
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Keeps your stuff safe from water 
  • All metal construction provides durability 
  • Lets you store your pills, nuts, adapters, etc. 


  • Priced a bit high 

This isn’t a product specific to any group. Everyone can use this one in their day to day life. Even though the price is high it’s worth the money.

11) Lever Gear CableKit

Another product from Lever gear for the masses. In this modern world, this can be a crucial addition to your wallet. It has got adapters for Android devices and iPhones as well. 

Aside from the adapters, you get a sim card tool. Now that’s something people tend to lose every time. But with this kit, you won’t lose that anymore. 

And the main feature is the charging/ data cable you get on this. When you have this one you won’t need to carry that long cable to charge your phone. You can just have this and a charger adapter. Saves up a lot of space and mess in your backpack.

Lever Gear CableKit - 2 in 1 Keychain Micro USB Charging & Data Cable
Lever Gear CableKit – 2 in 1 Keychain Micro USB Charging & Data Cable


  • It has got USB adapters 
  • Converter from Micro USB to USB type C
  • Compact and portable design 
  • Sim card ejector 
  • Fast charging cable 


  • Easily transfer data or charge your phone
  • No mess from the short cable 
  • No more broken cables 
  • Comes with different connectors 
  • Never lose the sim ejector 


  • Nothing in particular 

Considering the modern days anyone can get benefit out of it. But this will work great for travelers, photographers, IT experts, business operators, etc. People who are constantly in touch with their phones for work purposes will get the most benefit from this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to carry an EDC kit?

    That mostly depends on your need and the type of EDC kit you have. The main goal is to have something that doesn’t look unusual when you are carrying it. So, carrying an EDC kit is mostly carrying a bag or a purse or maybe something in your pocket. 

  • What Challenges are you going to face?

    Your EDC kit will mostly depend on what kind of challenges you might come across. Because the kit is there to help you out in those difficult situations. Let’s say you might need some tools to repair your cycle in the mid-road. u003cbru003eHaving an EDC kit with screwdrivers or pliers will come in handy. You can face different kinds of challenges in your daily life depending on your activities. 

  • What can you do to better address these problems?

    You can use a proper EDC kit based on your needs to solve these problems. They aren’t certain so having a precaution is all you can do. And EDC kit is the best way to do so. 

  • How to choose an EDC kit?

    This depends on your daily life activities. Not everyone will need the survival kit every day. So, choose the kit that serves most of the purposes from your day to day life. 

  • What do all these EDC kits have in common?

    The most common factor of these EDC kits is the portability and usability. As you can tell every kit here is essential for travelers.


Our goal here was to give you the best EDC kits we could find. The buying choice will be completely up to you based on your needs and preferences. You can try making your own EDC kit if you want but that would cost a lot more than the ones we listed. Also, these are some of the best-planned kits designed for specific purposes. 

They are of various usage. Some work great as survival kits, some work great for everyday use. But if we are talking about utility then Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier and PGXT credit card multi-tool have to be the top choices. You must have one of these. 

No matter which one you choose you won’t be dissatisfied. All the listed products will serve the purpose they are meant to. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you to make a decision. 

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