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When we talk about everyday carry stuff, we usually refer to our phones, keys, wallet, cards, etc. But is that enough? Finding a balance in your EDC stuff is always important. Your phone, wallet, and all sure are important but along with that, you should keep some nice stuff as well. 

One of the nicest stuff to carry every day is handkerchiefs. But you don’t get to see the use of handkerchiefs nowadays. Well, in our opinion the trend of carrying handkerchiefs should return. Because with a handkerchief you can have a mini towel in your pocket all the time. 

Having the best EDC kits is all about keeping you prepared for unforeseen situations. And a handkerchief can help you clean up the unnecessary dirt on your face or body. Let’s admit it you can’t possibly find tissue paper everywhere. That’s why adding a handkerchief to your EDC kit is so important. 

There are lots of choices out there for handkerchiefs and bandanas. They will surely confuse you. Don’t worry anymore. We are here to help you out clear that confusion. Here we bring you 13 of the best men’s handkerchiefs out there. 

Let’s get going. 

Best Men’s Handkerchiefs Reviews

Best EDC Handkerchiefs
Best EDC Handkerchiefs

1) HAV-A-HANK Genuine MADE IN USA Handkerchief 15 inch

This comes from a renowned company in making handkerchiefs. They have been in the business since 1946.

So, when it comes to buying a handkerchief, you can never go wrong with this. 

You get 5 packs of handkerchiefs that are 15 inches in length.

You never need to worry about harming your face or skin while cleaning with this. The material used is 100% cotton. 

Adding to that these will last you longer than you expect. Because the cotton quality is top-notch. Even with rough use and frequent washing, they will feel like new. The weaving on these is also very tight. 


  • 100% cotton fabric 
  • Extremely durable 
  • Tightly woven
  • Flawless serge hems 
  • Soft and cozy 
  • Simple in design


  • You can use them for a long time 
  • Feels very soft 
  • Simplistic in look 
  • Pure cotton doesn’t harm your skin 
  • Easy to wash and dry


  • Doesn’t have color choices 
  • A little stiff out of the package 

Well, the stiffness of the handkerchiefs goes away the more you wash them. So, you can go for them if you like simple looking handkerchiefs. These will be great gifts for your grandparents or your parents. 

2) Jacob Alexander Men’s Pocket Square Solid Color Handkerchief

Do you enjoy having premium items? Then this will be your choice. Because the handkerchiefs look premium that you can carry on special occasions as well. 

There are so many color choices that you might get confused. The hem has a clean finish so nothing feels off with this one. 

The fabric on this one is a medium satin that has a microfiber finish. Due to that, you get to have a soft silky feel with durability added on.

The fabric on this one is a medium satin that has a microfiber finish. Due to that, you get to have a soft silky feel with durability added on. And the premium look doesn’t feel too much shiny neither has too much matte feel to it. This is what you call a perfect balance. 


  • Medium satin fabric 
  • It has a microfiber finish
  • Strong hemlines 
  • Durable and comfortable 
  • Premium in looks 
  • Comes in lots of colors


  • You can get these in many colors 
  • Looks premium 
  • Feels comfortable on your skin 
  • Lasts for a long time 
  • Great for special occasions 


  • Not great for rough usage 

This is the perfect choice for businessmen or corporates. As they need to maintain a premium outlook, they will love to own one of these. Also, if you don’t prefer cotton then this can be the next best choice.

3) Retreez 8 Pack Men’s Handkerchief

With high-quality cotton and excellent pricing, this is a great choice.

Whether you want to gift this or use it for yourself you get a good deal. 

The set comes with 8 handkerchiefs. So, you can keep them in stock or use each on a different day. Also, you will get 8 different patterns with a primary color scheme. 

100% cotton makes this a soft and comfortable handkerchief for your skin. Moreover, you can wash these on a machine as well. 

The price you have to pay for all the 8 handkerchiefs is truly worth it. They will cost you around $15. That’s a good deal right there. 


  • 8 different patterns 
  • Follows color schemes 
  • High-quality cotton fabric
  • Machine washable 
  • Soft and comfortable 


  • Value for money 
  • Wide variety of designs 
  • Comfortable fabric for your skin 
  • Easy to wash 


  • Not very durable 

This is the handkerchief for commoners. You can buy them for regular usage. The pricing makes it worth buying. And the variety in design is commendable. 

4) Selected Hanky Men’s Pure Cotton Handkerchiefs

Probably the best deal you can get on handkerchiefs is this one. It comes with 12 hankies in total as a package. All the hankies are of high-quality cotton. 

Adding to that comes the premium look and feel of the handkerchiefs. These handkerchiefs are naturally soft because of cotton quality.

The cotton used for making these hankies have a 60S grade. Supposedly it’s the best quality cotton for handkerchiefs out there. 

The color of this one is solid gray. You can choose a different color if you want. This handkerchief is machine washable. You can dry-clean them, wash them with your hands or in a machine.

Even with all that cool stuff, the price of this is as low as it gets. That’s why it’s the best deal out there.


  • High-grade cotton fabric
  • 12 pieces included in the pack 
  • Stylish and premium in looks
  • Machine washable 
  • Naturally soft and comfortable 


  • Gives you an extremely soft and smooth feel 
  • You can wash them however you like 
  • Stylish for every occasion 
  • Durable for everyday usage 
  • Affordable 


  • A bit thin 
  • Stitches could be better 

Anyone looking for a good pack of hankies will want to have these. They can serve both regular usages and for special occasions as well. 

5) Selected Hanky 100% Cotton Men’s Handkerchiefs 6 Piece Set

If you are someone who often suffers from a runny nose then you need this. These are the perfect handkerchiefs you can get for your nose.

They are rough but easy to wash. The durability and absorbing quality are unmatched. 

The material is 100% cotton so you won’t have any rashes on your nose either. These are organic cotton so they are naturally soft.

The weaving is done in such a way that they aren’t too thin or too thick. 

It comes with a vintage look with checkered patterns. You will get 6 pieces included in different colors. Stylish enough for special occasions too. 


  • 100% pure cotton fabric
  • Durable 
  • Great absorption capability
  • Has the perfect thickness
  • Machine washable 
  • Stylish vintage look
  • 6 different colors in a pack


  • Soft and comfortable for your skin
  • Looks stylish 
  • Best for wiping a runny nose 
  • Easy to wash 
  • Lasts for a long time 
  • Offers variety in colors and patterns 


  • Shrinks a little after the first wash 

This certainly is one of the best handkerchiefs you can own. Almost anyone can have a pack of this. Especially for people who suffer from cold now and then. 

6) ETHO 12 Pack Men’s Check Tartan Print

Many times, there is an uncomfortable feeling from a handkerchief. That mostly comes from broad hemlines. So, if you are facing something like that then here is the solution. 

This one has a finishing of the narrow hem. With this feature, there are lots of things you get on this. To begin with, you will get 12 multi-sized or single-sized handkerchiefs.

You can wash the hankies on a machine. The fabric is pure cotton so softness is a must on these. For the designs, you get a classic tartan print on every handkerchief. The colors and patterns are very premium looking as well. 


  • Pure cotton fabric
  • Tartan print 
  • Machine washable 
  • Narrow hemlines 


  • Comfortable and soft 
  • Premiums colors and patterns 
  • Easy to wash 
  • Doesn’t cause any discomfort 


  • Can’t stand rough usage 

These are for anyone who is looking for an alternative to their uncomforting handkerchiefs. 

7) Zenssia Handkerchiefs Men’s 100% Cotton

With the softest feel and comfort, this is a handkerchief for all. It has got premium 60S cotton so you get the perfect thickness of a handkerchief. 

They come in the perfect sizes so 6 in a pack. Whether it’s for regular use or special purposes you can carry them anywhere. There are no troubles at all washing them with your hands or in a machine. You can also go for dry cleaning.

The most attractive part of this handkerchief is the patterns and designs they come with. You get 3 different colors in the 6-pack set. The patterns are also modern and trendy. 


  • High-grade cotton fabric
  • Comes in 3 colors in a pack of 6
  • Stylish and modern in looks
  • Machine washable 
  • Naturally soft and comfortable 


  • Gives you an extremely soft and smooth feel 
  • Different washing options
  • Stylish for any occasion 
  • Good for everyday usage 
  • Very affordable 


  • Shrinks after the first wash
  • Needs frequent ironing 

Either you want some handkerchiefs for regular use or on a special occasion, you can get this. The price is also low which makes it available to every class. 

8) Ricosky Men’s Pure White 100% Cotton Handkerchief

Looking for some premium white handkerchiefs? Your search ends here. These are the best white handkerchiefs you will find out there.

With 100% cotton as the fabric comfort and softness is ensured here. 

The edges of these handkerchiefs are just too perfect. You won’t see them coming off anytime soon. The material is 60S grade cotton which is best for making hankies. 

These handkerchiefs are all white. But there are shallow patterns you can see up close. You can get them in two variants. One comes with 6 hankies in a pack and another one comes with 12 hankies in a pack. 


  • Pure white color
  • Premium quality cotton 
  • Perfect hemming on the borders 
  • Comfortable and soft 


  • Smooth and soft for your skin 
  • Stitching quality is great 
  • Very much affordable
  • Looks premium 


  • Gets dirty quickly 
  • Needs ironing after every wash

These are strictly for people who want to have white handkerchiefs. 

9) FoMann Men’s Pocket Squares Handkerchief

When it’s about being premium, there is no better fabric than silk. That’s why if you want some premium handkerchiefs this is the one you should get. 

Handkerchiefs aren’t always about keeping things clean. Sometimes you should go for the style aspect of handkerchief too.

These are great for rocking a party with some stylish clothing alongside. Because a regular cotton handkerchief might completely ruin the outlook of your expensive suit. 

There are many colors available to you. The material is polyester silk so it would hardly need much cleaning. Also, they will last for a long time. In the package, you will get 6 different hankies. 


  • Premium quality silk
  • Looks stylish 
  • Comes in a lot of colors 


  • Elevates your outlook 
  • Has a lot of color options to choose 
  • Feels smooth and soft on the skin
  • Lasts for a long time 


  • Not great for regular or rough usage 

This is for the people who regularly attend parties and business conventions. It’s purely made for business people for maintaining their persona. 

10) MENDENG Men’s Assorted Cotton Polka Dots Pocket Square Handkerchief

Fan of polka dots? Then you might love this one. There aren’t many handkerchiefs out there with polka dots on them. On top of that, you get 11 different colors in one set. Now, that’s a deal worth grabbing. 

The material is a mix of cotton and polyester. This makes the handkerchief suitable for every occasion.

Whether you are thinking of rough use or going to a party this is the thing you can carry. The looks of this one are quite premium. 

Adding to that comes the durability. You can use these for a long time. You won’t need new handkerchiefs anytime soon. And because of the different colors, you can mix and match with your outfit. 


  • 11 different colors in a set 
  • High-quality cotton and polyester 
  • Fashionable 
  • Durable 


  • Variety in color for matching your outfits 
  • Will last for a long time 
  • Extremely stylish for the polka dots 
  • The fabric feels super soft 
  • Good for any occasion 


  • Not great for rough work 

This is a steal deal for anyone who loves polka dot patterns. Besides this fact, anyone might enjoy having this consider all the aspects. But not suitable for daily workers. 

11) CoCoUSM Assorted Men’s Classic Striped Border Cotton Handkerchiefs

These handkerchiefs are the most classic and simplest out of all the hankies. You can add them to your EDC list.

They are nothing fancy nor trash. These are just the ones that everyone needs. You can easily wash them. They are comfortable and soft. Cleaning is the main purpose of these handkerchiefs.

You can clean all sorts of dirt on your face or skin with these. For the design and outlook, it’s really simple. You get 3 different stripe borders with 3 different colors. The pricing is also very affordable. All in all, this is an everyday handkerchief for every person out there. 


  • Simple and classic
  • Easy to clean 
  • Cleans up dirt well
  • Affordable 
  • Comes in different designs and borders 


  • Worth every penny
  • Usable in every situation 
  • Variety in design 
  • Easy to manage 


  • Not very durable 
  • Quality isn’t that great 

These are the handkerchiefs for everyone. It’s great for regular use. Their use is for cleaning and they serve that purpose. Anyone can have a pack of these handkerchiefs. 

12) Retreez 8 Pc Pure Cotton Initial Monogrammed Men’s Handkerchiefs

Ever thought of owning some exclusive handkerchiefs? Well, give it a thought now.

These are initial monogrammed handkerchiefs so you can be a bit of a showoff. Also, it’s great for people who tend to lose their handkerchiefs. 

They are made of pure cotton. The material is of excellent quality. The color for this is pure white with an initial monogrammed right in the center. You can wash these on a machine very easily. 

The Size of each handkerchief is 16×16. You get 8 pieces of handkerchiefs in a set for the price of $19. It’s not that much considering the monogram. 


  • Initial monogrammed 
  • Pure cotton fabric
  • Machine washable 
  • Perfect sizes 
  • Personalized 
  • Durable


  • Feels smooth and comfortable
  • Easy to wash in the machine 
  • Comes with 8 white hankies 
  • Desired initials monogrammed in the hankies 
  • Lasts for a long time 


  • Gets dirty quickly 
  • Hard to iron 

Needless to tell that these aren’t the best for rough usage. These are great for gifting others or having something personalized. Good for special occasions as well. 

13) GB Women’s 100% Cotton Handkerchiefs

These are the prettiest looking cotton handkerchiefs you can find. The materials, designs, and quality of everything will satisfy any woman out there.

Whether it’s a special occasion or daily use they are perfect for all. It comes with 5 different candy-colored hankies in a package. All the colors are just soothing to look at.

The material is combed cotton. That makes these handkerchiefs soft. Also, they can absorb a good amount of liquid. The design of them is also quite good.

There are subtle stripes around the edges of the handkerchiefs. But even with all these things they don’t lack durability. One handkerchief can last for a long time. 


  • 5 different candy colors
  • Great absorption quality 
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Excellent design 
  • Durable 
  • Machine washable 
  • Affordable


  • Looks adorable with dresses 
  • Great for any occasion 
  • Very smooth 
  • Absorbs well 
  • Easy to wash
  • Lasts for a long time 
  • Worth your money


  • A bit stiff out of the package 
  • Shrinks after the first wash

Well, it’s very much clear that any woman would love to have these. These are produced for women after all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best fabric to use for handkerchiefs?

    The best fabric for any handkerchief is the 60S grade pure cotton. 

  • Should a man carry a handkerchief?

    Yes. Every man should carry a handkerchief. Because it’s much more convenient than using tissue paper. Also, it’s great for cleaning as well as styling.

  • What material is used for handkerchiefs?

    Cotton is the most common material for handkerchiefs. Besides that, polyester, satin, microfibers are used for making handkerchiefs. 

  • Are handkerchiefs better than tissues?

    Handkerchiefs are certainly better than tissues. Because they are always with you. They are reusable and durable. They don’t harm the environment, unlike tissues. The chances of spreading germs are also really low with handkerchiefs.

  • Why do the Japanese carry handkerchiefs?

    Japanese consider handkerchiefs to be better than tissues. They use it for drying their hands in restrooms, for cleaning sweat from their face, etc. But they never use it for cleaning their nose. 

  • Are hankies unhygienic?

    Hankies aren’t unhygienic if you clean them every day after a whole day of use. Treating them like your clothes is the best way to keep them hygienic. 

  • What can I use instead of tissues?

    It’s always a better idea to have handkerchiefs instead of tissues. 

  • How do you clean snotty hankies?

    You can wash your handkerchief just like your other clothing items. Just make sure the water temperature is a minimum of 20 degrees warm.

Why do you carry a handkerchief everyday?

Bandana and handkerchief are interchangeably used throughout the text. Obviously they should wash our hands quite regularly too. Paper towels are not easy to locate. A bandana can be used as a face mask, or for handling high-traffic areas like doors handles.

It can also be used when we are paranoid about COVID-19 in 2020 when we can handle door controls. Please change a bandkerchief daily if you like this. It’s very important for us if we keep sweat on our brows. Good bandanas are for heads.


Adding EDC handkerchiefs to your EDC list will go a long way. It’s a nice to have item but at times you will feel the need of it the most. Now, that’s the whole purpose of having an EDC kit. If you were even a little bit confused about your buying choice this product list will surely help you. 

We went through a deep search on the internet to find all these out. You can get satisfactory results from the ones that suit your needs. But among all of them Selected Hanky and GB women’s cotton handkerchiefs to have to be the top choice. 

Some of these products target a certain section of people such as businessmen and corporates. Some of them are for women. And some are for everyone. We tried to keep a little of everything for all the masses. Hope you will find the one that satisfies you. 


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