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Casio is a well-known watch manufacturer that produces watches for all age groups. Their G-shock lines are popular with both kids and adults alike. Casio has produced many different models of G-shock watches over the years, so it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. In this post, we will discuss the top 9 best kids Casio G-shock Watches, which should help you select the perfect model for your child or teenager!

Having said that the watches from G-shock come with amazing value. You can’t but want a G-shock watch for your kid. The fun designs of the watches will surely make your kids want them with extreme desire. They will want to wear these watches all the time. 

The best way to find the right watch is by comparing different models. We’ve done all of that work for you! In this post, we will discuss the 9 best Casio watches and what makes them so great. You can also use our handy comparison chart below to compare features and take a quick look at the best 3 options among these.

If you want a durable, stylish, affordable watch for your child or teenager, then look no further than one of these 9 excellent options. These watches are built with children in mind – they’re tough enough to withstand any bumps or falls while still being comfortable on their small wrists. Furthermore, they can easily wear and put them off the wrist.

And don’t forget about how cool they’ll look wearing it! They come in many colors and styles so there’s something for everyone here. So go ahead and browse through our list below – we know you won’t be disappointed with any choice that you make!

9 Best Casio G shock Watches For Kids

While choosing the best G shock watches for kids, we considered them for kids over the age of 10. Most of these are suitable for teenagers and adults as well. Later on, we discuss watches for kids younger than that as well. Here are the top 9 G shock watches for kids. 

1. G-Shock DW9052-2 Blue Review 

Casio Men's DW9052-2 G-Shock Blue
Casio Men’s DW9052-2 G-Shock Blue

The first g shock we have in our list is G-shock DW9052-2 Blue. The G-shock DW9052-2 Blue is a great choice for kids due to the digital dial and blue color.

If your kid has trouble figuring out analog dials, this is the best option you can go with. And it’s not necessarily for kids only. Youngsters can also get one of these to go with their casual needs. 

Because of the attractive color, many kids take an interest in this one. As kids have a knack for vibrant colors, they will always be interested in wearing this watch. And for the looks, it has got the classic G-shock sporty look with a digital dial. 

Apart from the time you get to have date and day reminders on this one as well. You can set alarms on this one as well. It works as a great reminder when you are completely focused and consumed in some activity. There is a countdown timer that you can use for certain activities and games. Still not enough? 

Well, with this watch you can see even in the dark thanks to the backlit light. Besides all that additional features you get the classic durability and protection of all G-shock watches. 

Deep sea water resistant

In this one, the water-resistant goes up to 660ft. So, apart from regular use, you can use this one for deep-sea diving as well. While it’s a great watch for kids over 10 it’s also an effective watch for adults. Keeping that into consideration, you can get a lot of use from it for years if you wish to. 


This is a good gift for your children. It’s also perfect for teenagers and adults who are into sports.

Value for money

You can’t go wrong with this one! The G-shock DW9052-2 Blue is value for money because it comes with all the features you need from a watch. And it’s very affordable.


No matter how rough or tough your kid is, this watch will stand the test of time. It’s built to last, so don’t worry about getting another one anytime soon!

2. Casio Men’s XL Rescue Series G-Shock Review  

Casio Men's XL Rescue Series G-Shock
Casio Men’s XL Rescue Series G-Shock

Kids have a soft spot for anything blue or bright red color. They love having things that are blue or red. So, they will absolutely love having this one as well. It comes with an eye-catching blue color that is vibrant. It looks great along with the digital dial. 

Aside from the color another thing that can keep your kid attracted to this is the cool functionality of the watch. It comes with a mood and tide graph. While it may seem a bit impractical, this thing works. You can also determine the tide level and the moon age as well. 

Moon Phase

And you can not only see the tide and moon condition for the current day, but you can also see them for any date in the future as well. All you have to do is change the date to see the changes. This takes us to another feature of this watch, a calendar. 

You will never have trouble determining what day of the month it is with this watch since it comes with a moon phase indicator that displays the current moon phase. This feature is very useful, especially if you live near places where fishing and hunting are common activities because you will know when these activities are safe to do.

Easy to read digital display

Another good thing about this watch face is that it comes with a digital display. The time and date are displayed clearly, so there will be no need to squint your eyes.

Dual time zones

Along with all that you get to have world time which means you can keep track of two different world time zones. This dual time zone feature is pretty handy for people who travel a lot. And it’s great for a kid as they get to learn all these different things like world time/ dual time. 

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The backlight illuminates the digital display, making it easy to read in dark conditions, such as when you are out camping at night. Even if you want to check the time during an emergency situation, like a power outage at home or office.

Flash alert

This blue model has a flash alert built in it. It flashes during the hourly signal, as a countdown timer and during the alarm beep.


It has got the rough quality built that gives the watch extreme durability for a long time. That durability comes with features like water resistance, scratch resistance, and shock resistance. 

20 Bar water resistance

The watch’s water resistance feature makes it ideal for use in swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and other water sports. It can also be used while showering or washing your hands.

Shock resistance

This watch is made of a strong material that can withstand the impact of falling from any height. It has been tested to be able to survive a fall from 10 feet high without sustaining any damage.

Overall, this watch is full of amazing features. And kids love having this kind of stuff. So, one thing is certain that your kid will love having this watch. 

3. G-Shock GA-110TS-1A4 Review  

Casio Men's GA-110TS-1A4 G-Shock Analog-Digital Watch
Casio Men’s GA-110TS-1A4 G-Shock Analog-Digital Watch

In search of a unique-looking watch? Then your search will end with this one. This watch has a unique color that you don’t get to see too often. It has got a shade of chocolate color that looks good and stylish on your wrist. And complimenting that base color comes an orange secondary color for the detailing on the watch. 

Now, this might surprise you but this isn’t just about the looks. It has got a lot of helpful and handy features. First of all, this one comes with an analog time display and digital display. So, you get both benefits on this one. The black and orange dial combined with a LED light completes the package for this. 

29 Different time zones

The coolest feature of this one has to be the 29 different time zones. The time is coordinated with universal time. You can very easily switch between world time and home time on this one. There are also daylight-saving settings on the watch. 

Alarm, stopwatch & automated calendar

Aside from all that it has got an hourly time signal. So, you can get notified every hour. It comes with 5 daily alarm functions with snooze ability for 1 alarm. It has got a countdown timer and an excellent stopwatch countdown timer with 1/1000 second functionality. And with all that you get a fully automated calendar updated up to 2099. 

Durable, waterproof, shock resistant

The built quality of this one is just like a regular G-shock watch. It’s sturdy, waterproof, and durable. The watch is also shock resistant, so it can withstand sudden impacts quite well. 

This one is popular among particularly older kids.

4. G-Shock GA700CM Review  

Casio G-Shock GA700CM Series Camo Wrist Watch
Casio G-Shock GA700CM Series Camo Wrist Watch

If you are not happy with a solid color on your watch then how about some camo print? Anything looks instantly better with a camo print on them. A camo printed watch can be a cool thing to wear whether it is for a kid of a youngster or even an adult. Anyone can wear this one and that’s the beauty of this watch. 

31 Different Time Zones

Once you are done admiring the looks of this one, you can move on to the amazing features. It comes with world time settings with 31 time zones. There is a daylight setting enabled on this one. And you can quickly swap the home time with the world clock.

Illuminating led light with afterglow

In this watch, you get illuminating LED backlight with afterglow. You can control the illumination time between 1.5 seconds and 3 seconds. This feature allows you to see what time it is even in the dark! Just press the button at the side of the watch, and voila! You’ll be able to see the time. As for the quality, you can rely on this one with your eyes closed. 

Shock & water resistance, Fall endurance

Coming to the built of this watch, you will get satisfaction to the fullest. It has got shock resistance that can endure a 10-meter free fall from a building. And the water-resistance goes up to 10 bars.

10 year stock battery life

Finally, the package is completed with 10 years of stock battery life. Durability and rugged built quality are a given for any G-shock watch, so you won’t need to worry about that. 

Great fit

Another thing to notice on this watch is the fit. It fits into hands very nicely without causing any discomfort at all. Your boy can wear the watch all day on their hands and enjoy their time. 

5. G-Shock GA100L-4A Review 

Casio G-Shock XL Series Quartz
Casio G-Shock XL Series Quartz

This is a watch that is sure to grab anyone’s attention. Because of the bright orange color with a combination of black, it gets top marks for the looks. Kids love bright colors, hence they will love the looks of this one. And adding to all that, you get some great features that make it a worthy choice in this list. 

Interchangeable Bands

One cool feature that captivates everyone is the interchangeable bands. You can change the bands on this one anytime you want. And all the bands that come are of high-quality water resistance material. In short, you can enjoy an orange watch dial with many different colors of bands. 

Dual Dial

Then there is the dual dial feature. It has got analog and digital dials at the same time. This is a great feature to have for children. As they can learn the analog dials using the digital screen on the watch. 

Countdown and Timer

For the features inside the watch, you get a stopwatch countdown timer. You can also add daily alarms on this one. There is an option for a date, day, and time settings as well. It has got everything you need in a kid’s watch and even more than that. 

Magnetic, Shock and Water resistant

If you have ever owned a magnetic strap before, you know how easily they break or get damaged when exposed to magnets. Well, it has magnetic resistance that is ISO 764 certified. This one comes with a special material that protects it from all kinds of magnetism, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Coming to the protection of the watch, it is built with ruggedness. You can expect it to last for a long time. Shock resistance and water resistance are already a given feature of this one. Overall this is a full package that you can enjoy having even as an adult. 

6. G-Shock DW-5600BB Review 

Casio Men's DW5600BB-1 Black Resin Quartz
Casio Men’s DW5600BB-1 Black Resin Quartz

If your choice is something simpler and slimmer, then this is a great option for you. It’s much slimmer than the other G-shock watches we discussed till now. In terms of looks, it’s nothing fancy. 

Stylish look 

The whole watch comes in black color and has got the modernized vintage kind of look. It’s very elegant to look at. And the best part is it’s not very bulky which makes it comfortable to wear all day. It has got a square dial which will make many people happy. It’s a bit different from all other G-shock watches. 

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Alarm, Stopwatch, Countdown timer, Day Counter

Skipping past the looks, it does come with a variety of features. First of all, it has got a daily alarm feature which is pretty loud. It can certainly help you get up from your deep sleep. Apart from that, it has got a countdown timer and hourly time signal. So, your kid can be up to time wherever they need to. It also has a stopwatch, so you can use it for different kinds of games and sports activities. 

Shock and water resistance

This black model comes with shock resistance and water resistance, just like any other G-shock watch. There is an EL backlight with an afterglow that allows you to check the time even in the dark. The built quality of this EL backlight is quite good and lasts for a long time. The battery life is almost 2 years, which is excellent considering regular watches. 

Best G shock for girls

7. G-Shock S Series GMAS130VC-4A Review 

Casio G-Shock GMAS130VC-4A S-Series Step Tracker
Casio G-Shock GMAS130VC-4A S-Series Step Tracker

There is a myth out there that G-shock watches are for boys. Well, this one proves all those theories wrong. This is a G-shock watch that many girls would love to have. Young girls tend to have a weak spot for anything pink. While this one is pink in color it doesn’t overdo with the vibrance. It has got a rose-pink shade that is very soothing to watch. 

2 Sets of LED backlight

When you look at this watch, you will be convinced to buy this one just by the looks of it. But that doesn’t keep away the fact that it has features packed up just like any other G-shock watch. This one has got 2 sets of the LED backlight. One is for the face of the dial, and the other one is for the digital display. So, it ensures you have a complete vision of your watch, even in the dark. 

3-axis sensor

The unique part of this watch is the 3-axis sensor that does the job of counting steps. Your child can keep track of the number of steps they have taken while wearing this watch. It motivates them to walk and helps them maintain healthy active lifestyles.

31 Time zone settings

It has 31 different time zone settings, hourly time signals, an automated calendar, and so on. The battery life of the watch is around 2 years, even with all those features included in it. Lastly, this comes with all the protection of any G-shock watch. It is shock resistant and water resistance. 

Perfect fit for your kid girl

The fit of the watch is just perfect, so your girl can wear this one all day long if she wants to. And by the looks of it, they can use it even at their teenage. 

8. Casio G Shock S Series Step Track Watch Review  

Ladies' Casio G-Shock S-Series Black Step
Ladies’ Casio G Shock S-Series Black Step

The G-shock S series watch is the best option for all the fitness freaks out there. It has a step tracking system. If you want your children to follow a path of a healthy lifestyle you can give them this one to start with. Using the step tracker, they will be motivated to walk more and pursue a healthier lifestyle. This may lead them to have a fitness-based lifestyle as well. 

Stylish look

For the looks, it’s very classy with a black and white combination. All the parts of the watch are completely black, along with some texts and details of white. It has got a sporty look that goes well with fitness activities. Also, it’s very comfortable to wear, so you can keep it on all day long without any discomfort. 

Step counter

It’s not just about counting steps for a single session. It can record your steps count and you can review the history whenever you want. You can even set up step-count goals for yourself to achieve them. And there is a step reminder that allows you to have an alert whenever you haven’t walked enough. In short, this can be your new fitness trainer. 

LED Light

Along with this handy feature, there is a double LED backlight feature that allows you to see time in the dark. The watch is also shock-resistant and water-resistant, so it’s durable for long-term use. Considering all the factors, you can get this one for one specific goal in mind, that is fitness. 

9. G-Shock Men’s Tough Solar Resin Sport Watch Review 

G-Shock Men's Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch
G-Shock Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

This is a watch that comes with solar power for battery life. It’s a great option to have if your kids like to play out in the sun. Because that can save up a lot of battery life and use solar power to operate the watch. Also, it doesn’t need to be sunlight all the time. Even the light from a lamp can work as a power source for this. When it’s fully charged with the power, it can serve up to 9 months of usage. 

The watch looks sporty and slim. Unlike the other G-shock watches it has more of a simpler design yet it looks very cool. This one is a digital watch with an EL backlight for seeing time in the dark as well. 

Automatic timekeeping

In this watch, the coolest feature you can find is atomic timekeeping. With this feature, the watch calibrates itself every night through radio signals. As a result, the time you get to see this one is 100% accurate every time. 

Stopwatch countdown timer & 31 Time Zones

It has got many other features like a stopwatch with 1/100 second count capacity. It also has a countdown timer for any coming events. You can also set up a daily alarm on this one. There are 31 different time zones enabled for world time. 

Finally, it has got all the G-shock advanced features. Such as shock resistance and water resistance. So, you can rest assured of the durability of this watch. The buying point of this watch is the solar functionality and the slim sporty design.

If you are looking for those things it’s the best thing you can get out there. And as it is water resistant, your child can roam around with no worries at all.

Kids Casio G-Shock Buying Guide

Why Get a Kids G-Shock Watch? 

The first thing to know here is that there is no other alternative to G-shock watches when it comes to kids. And here’s why-

G-shock watches come from the well-known brand Casio. They are known for making high-quality electronic items, especially watches. So, you get the brand value here. Aside from that G-shock watches themselves come with a lot of value. 

The first reason for choosing G-shock is its durability and roughly built. They are waterproof and scratch-resistant as well. They have a sporty look and a variety of color choices which interests the kids a lot. Finally, the clock hands are thick so they are easy to understand. 

All in all, G-shock is the perfect watch for any kid out there. And you really can’t find better watches than this for kids. 

Casio G-shock Watch for even younger kids

The G-shock watches we discussed on top are for kids over the ages of 10 or 13. If you want something for kids younger than that age you can try the 3 different types of G-shock available out there. 

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Does age matter?

Casio has different variations of G shock models for kids depending on their age.


Even though the S-series isn’t necessarily targeted towards kids, you can still go for them. The S-series is mainly targeted towards women driven by modern fashion. As a result, the belts and dials are a bit smaller than the regular G-shock watches. So, if you are looking for a watch that suits your little girl you might check some S-series for the best options. 


Baby-G is just another version of G-shock specifically made for women. It’s an earlier version than the S-series. It comes with all the basic functionalities of a G-shock watch but it’s smaller in size. This makes it suitable for children. The similarities of the G-shock watches are pretty evident in the Baby-G. If series S isn’t suiting your needs then you can try out the Baby-G. 

Smaller Standard G-Shocks

Many G-shock mini watches are smaller standards of G-shock watches. They are great for kids who have smaller hands. The functionality and practicality of these watches are the same. You may even find some of the models we discussed in a G-shock mini version. They tend to have slim bodies and squared shapes. The Baby-G and S-Series are specifically targeted towards women. So, the G-shock mini can be a good option for your boys. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you have a distinct idea of G-shock watches. Here, we answer some common questions that people often ask about G-shock watches. If you have a similar question then this might be helpful for you. 

u003cstrongu003eAre G Shocks only for kids?u003c/strongu003e

G-shock watches are made for people of all ages. They aren’t specifically for kids. However, younger people tend to have a better experience of the watch. As the watches don’t come in much of a formal appearance, they might not be suitable for all the adults out there. u003cbru003eYou can still use them for your regular activities and casual use. But considering all the factors of G-shock watches they are the best bet for kids watches. 

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the difference between Baby G and G Shock?u003c/strongu003e

Baby G line and G-shock both are similar kinds of watches, with a difference in size. G-shock is the generic version of the watches that are mostly targeted towards boys and men. Whereas Baby G models are targeted towards women who are into modern fashion and technologies as well.u003cbru003eBaby G line is the later version of G-shock watches with smaller dials and bands. It’s suitable for people who have smaller wrists. They can be a great option for kids as well.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the little circle on my G Shock?u003c/strongu003e

There are no specific answers to this question. As there are various purposes of a circle in G-shock watches. Some work as a chronograph and some work as a pie counter. Sometimes they are there for the looks and some circles have functionality. If your watch has a little circle on the time display then check the user manual. u003cbru003eYou will find some information in the manual if there is any functionality to this circle. If you can’t find any information then the circle is most likely there for the looks and nothing else. 

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the smallest Baby G watch?u003c/strongu003e

Most of the Baby G watches are small. But the smallest Baby-G watch till now is the Baby-G BGD500. The dimensions of the watch are 44.7 x 40 x 12.5 mm. The thickness on this watch is very little which makes this one the smallest watch of the Baby-G model you can find out there. However, all the other extra features stay the same on this model. 

u003cstrongu003eAre G Shocks unisex models?u003c/strongu003e

The generic models of G-shock watches are mostly targeted towards men or people with wider wrists. Visually anyone can wear them there is no difference. However, there are specific variants of G-shock watches that are made for only women out there. u003cbru003eThey come in two different variants. One is Baby-G which is an earlier version of women’s G-shock watches. And the other one is the S-series. This one is more of a newer addition to the G-shock lineup

u003cstrongu003eAre there fake G shocks?u003c/strongu003e

Due to their popularity there are a lot of G-shock fakes that you can come across. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference. However, there are some things you should notice to distinguish an original G-shock from a fake one. First of all, the engraved words on an original G-shock are much clearer and flawless. The model number on the backplate is accurate and doesn’t have any typing mistakes. Lastly, the screws of an original G-shock are much more evident. Check all these things before buying a G-shock watch. These will tell you if the watch is a real one or a fake one. 

u003cstrongu003eHow can you tell a fake baby G?u003c/strongu003e

There are various ways you can tell apart a fake Baby-G from a real one. Firstly, the price of the watch has to be more than $60. Otherwise, it’s a fake one. Then there have to be all the accessories included. An original Baby-G comes with the classic aluminum box with a cardboard package. And there will be a manual included in the package. Also, there will be a barcode with the model number. Then you can check the screen of the watch. An original is made of glass whereas a fake one is made of a plastic screen. 

u003cstrongu003eCan I wear my baby G in the shower?u003c/strongu003e

All the G-shock watches and their variants are water-resistant. So, you can wear your Baby-G in the shower without any worries at all. You won’t need to stress about water damage when it comes to G-shock watches. Some of them even come with water resistance up to 600 feet which makes them suitable for deep-sea diving. So, some water splashing from your shower won’t have any effect on the watch whatsoever. 


When it comes to choosing a single one from a long list of Casio watches it gets difficult. It will always come down to what you prefer and in this case what your kids prefer. Your likings will dictate the buying decision at the end. 

Still, we can’t leave you helpless here. So, we recommend you some of the watches to make the decision easier for you. The recommendation we make is based on different aspects. 

If your kid loves the color blue then you can easily go for the G-Shock DW9052-2 Blue model. Because it comes with all the cool features in a blue color body that is comparatively compact. Also, the price of this one is very reasonable. It’s the overall best choice in this list of G-shock watches. 

But if you or your child isn’t a fan of blue color then you can go for either G-Shock GA100L-4A or G-Shock GA-110TS-1A4. All of them are based on the same function and looks but different colors. 

And if you are looking for something on the slimmer and smaller side, then you should go for the  G-Shock DW-5600BB. This is the perfect and compact choice with simplistic looks. They will surely be comfortable wearing this one all day long. 

We sincerely hope all this information helps you in making your buying choice. We kept different varieties of options so it’s easier to make a choice based on them. 


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